Who are we

Below we’ve listed the present TFF Associates (65) and the former Associates since 1986 (69) as well as the Board members and founders (5).
Find their writings in the 1997-2011 archive and in the 2012-2017 archive.

These are the 138 personalities who have made TFF what it is today.

The founders are deeply grateful to each and every one for the privilege and joy it is to work with such a group which is not only one of the finest and most experienced in the global community of peace-makers but also people whom we allow ourselves to call friends. Special thanks to those who have also served as Board members.

Christina Spännar
Jan Oberg

Board (2018)
Jan Oberg, chair
Ina Curic
Farhang Jahanpour
Annette Schiffmann
Thore Vestby
Gunnar Westberg

Honorary friend

Paul McCartney (Sir Paul)

International Associates (2018)
Elías Abraham-Foscolo
Francis A. Boyle
Michel Chossudovsky
Riane Eisler
Scilla Elworthy
Richard Falk
Mira Fey
Ellen Frank
Johan Galtung
Brajna Greenhalgh
Tim Hayward
Hazel Henderson
Daisaku Ikeda
Peter Jarman
Liu Jian
David Krieger
Evelin Lindner
David R. Loy
Jake Lynch
Mairead Maguire
Jelena Mair
Dragana Maksimovic
Annabel McGoldrick
Aleksandar Mitic
Kamran Mofid
Chantal Mutamuriza
Hisae Nakanishi
Radmila Nakarada
Heela Najibullah
Ashis Nandy
Sharmine Narwani
Vasiliki Neofotistos
Miko Peled
Gareth Porter
Jonathan Power
Neelakanta Radhakrishnan
Joelle Rizk
Shastri Ramachandaran
Vicky Samantha Rossi
Chaiwat Satha-Anand
Hans von Sponeck
David Swanson
Tom Weber
Biljana Vankovska

Nordic Associates 2018 (17)
John Avery
Isabel Bramsen
Anette Carlsson
Erni and Ola Friholt
Per Gahrton
Jan Hjärpe
Jørgen Johansen
Majken Jul Sørensen
Claus Kold
Yusra Moshtat
Jesper Munk Jakobsen
Jens Jørgen Nielsen
Sören Sommelius
Maj Britt Theorin
Stellan Vinthagen

Former TFF Associates
TFF remains grateful to Associates who, since 1986, have contributed to making the Foundation what it is today. Some have gone into other fields, some are not so productive due to age and health, while others have taken up positions not compatible with free writing. And some have passed away.
All of them have had multi-year engagements with us, remain friends and can still publish their articles with us if they like; we just don’t expect them to be active anymore in this field.

Former international Associates (37)
Ulrich Albrecht †2016
Kai Frithjof Brand-Jakobsen
Rocio Campos
Ken Coates †2010
Mahdi Elmandjra †2014
Dietrich Fischer †2015
Robert Jay Lifton
Kishore Mandhyan
Wilhelm Nolte
Margarita Papandreou
Michael Renner
Yasunobu Sato
Svetozar Stojanovic †2010
Adolphe Sururu
Tamara Tsikhistavi
Brian Urquhart
Amin Al-Zubydi
Stephen Zunes
Yoshikazu Sakamoto †2014
Carolyn Stephenson
Alfred Mechtersheimer
Glenn Paige †2017
Istvan Kende †1988
Mahendra Kumar †
Hylke Tromp
José Maria Tortosa
Cheng Li Yu
Brian Martin
Burns Weston †2015
Vasko Karangeleski
Tatsuro Kunugi
Toshiki Mogami
Nur Yalman
Robert C. Johansen
Tetty Uli
Mariam Abuhaideri
Capucine Riom

Former Nordic Associates (33)
Gunnar Adler-Karlsson
Anna Christensen †2001
Lotte Christy †2009
Anna Coughlin
Marta Cullberg Weston
Susanne Eriksson
Gerard Fischer †2015
Mats Friberg
Margareta Furustam
Birgitta Hambraeus
Else Hammerich
Christian Hårleman
Thomas B. Johansson
Sverre Lodgaard
Peter Nobel
Gunilla Nordström-Björverud †
Harald Ofsstad †1994
Giuliano Pontara
Trine Pertou Mach
Birgitte Rahbek
Arne Ruth
Bo Rybeck
Carl-Ulrik Schierup
Kerstin Schultz
Gudrun Schyman
Bengt Silverstand
Martin Smedjeback
Ulf Svensson
Lars-Erik Wahlgren †1999
Karin Wegeståhl
Håkan Wiberg †2010
Vibeke Vindelöv
Raimo Väyrynen

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