Shop Art for Peace

Buying art photography to support peace research, policies and education?

• It goes without saying: We’re very grateful for any sum on the Donate link. It’s about your generosity and vision.

But imagine that when you made a slightly larger donation, you would receive an exquisite, original piece of art or documentary photography. One that is printed on fine art papers (Hahnemühle or Canson), signed and numbered in small editions, or is one of a kind. And a few days later, it would arrive at your street address and bring you joy every day.

That is the idea here.

TFF’s director, Jan Oberg, is also Oberg PhotoGraphics – an art photographer with his own studio gallery in Lund, Sweden. And an art/photo blog.

He has decided to donate the 11 pieces below because he wants his art to help raise funds for TFF’s peace work. And, generally, be a medium for peace-creation.

When you pay for one of these pieces, you’ll see that your payment goes straight to TFF, not to Oberg PhotoGraphics or himself.

So, browse to your heart’s desire. Given the diversity, there is surely something for your taste too! And you can buy them only here.

Isn’t this a smart way to both support TFF and give yourself an extraordinary gift of superb originality and quality?

Or buy it as a gift to a child, friend, colleague, family member, spouse, partner…


• All prices are for unframed works.
• If you’d like one of these works in another size (and different prize), that can be discussed, simply use “Contact” above.

Abstract Vision

Afternoon Walk After Having Read Kierkegaard All Day

Bacall in Bilbao

The Aleppo Girl (With Pain And Hope)

Iran Collage # 1

Buddha – Koyasan, Japan

Venice Red Masts

Cock And Zumo


St. Paul’s Wine Meditation

Untitled Yellow Composition