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TFF provides the links below and hopes some will be of interest. Listing them here does not mean that we endorse each and everyone.

We do not claim to know the reliability of information found in all corners of them, readers may judge for themselves.

The links are meant to provide aha-experiences – helping you to stumble upon something you did not consciously look for but catches your interest.

So, they are diverse and deliberately not listed in categories, alphabetical or geographical orders.

And one more thing. We hope they will make you see that, in contrast to the media, there are so many good initiatives, so much constructive knowledge and so many people who think, write and act for a better world that it should be difficult to be a pessimist. Wasn’t it for the media which gives you limitless doom and gloom on a daily basis.

Best selling peace studies and conflict resolution books

Goodreads’ Popular Peace Studies books

Pew Global Attitudes and Trends opinion research

David P. Barash & Charles Webel
Peace and Conflict Studies

Johan Galtung & Charles Webel
Handbook of Peace and Conflict Studies

Better World Info
– over 250,000 links of which over 50,000 on peace

Daniel Ellsberg

Transition to a Culture of Peace Blog

TED Talks

Study War No More

Books on conflict, resolution and peace

Interpretations of Peace in History and Culture

Peace Science Digest

The Culture Trip

Institute for Economics and Peace, IEP

Vision of Humanity

Science for Peace

Our World In Data

The Danish Peace Academy



Nonviolent Conflict News – Civil Resistance


Jack F. Matlock’s blog

Peace and Conflict studies
– many sources

Resources to conflict and peace studies

Selected books at Peace In 10,000 Hands


Conflicts Forum – Alastair Crooke

Center for Global Peace Journalism

Conflicts Forum’s useful links


Columbia Center of Global Energy Policy

Why civil resistance works

A glossary of terms in peace and conflict studies

What peace could be

SIPER – Swiss Institute for Peace and Energy Research


United Nations Alliance of Civilisations

Galtung Institute

Martin Luther King Jr. Center

21st Century China Center

Abdul Ghaffar Khan

INSEAD – Business School For The World

Albert Einstein Institution – Gene Sharp

Irene Publishing

The Cipher Brief

The Art-Policy Nexus blog

The Peace Journalism Option at Global Issues

Nobel Peace Prize Watch

Peace Magazine


Current Affairs

Dr. Daniele Ganser

Our World In Data

Berghof Foundation – Conflict Transformation Research

US establishment threat assessment 2018

Gandhi books – free downloads

Conversation between Gandhi and Bin Laden by Bhikhu Parekh

Global Terrorism Index reports



Peace Policy

David Adams – Culture of Peace

Stop the War Coalition, UK

Beyond Intractability – with online learning

St. Petersburg International Economic Forum

Books and articles by John Scales Avery

What is peace journalism?

Stones to Drones: A short history of war on earth

Trends in multilateral peace operations – SIPRI

Institute for Economics & Peace – Peace Index etc.

UNESCO – Culture of Peace and Nonviolence

Investigating Imperialism – William Bowles