Editorial policies and principles


The Transnational posts materials based on multi-disciplinary quality scholarship, personal experience and a reasonable theory-practise balance.

And we don’t do pure news, it’s search and re-search, analyses, policy papers, plans, backgrounds, commentaries – in short, what help people educate themselves, think, and take part in the societal conversation across the globe that is so essential for democracy, development and quality decision-making. (But we do provide a list of good news places under “Links”).

Catchwords are macro-perspective, future-thinking and global perspective – aiming at contributing to peace and other types of constructive thinking.

There is enough negative thinking and sterile, confrontational debate. In contrast to many social media, you won’t have to waste your time with that here.

While we are aware of the world’s crises, TFF is essentially about possible solutions – even if each and every post does not propose solutions.



Dialogue promotion

We curate articles and videos by great content creators who are not TFF Associates. They may sometimes deviate from the foundation’s core values.

We do that because they have other values and qualities that we judge to be helpful in producing broader, intelligent and constructive dialogues.

We aim at dialogue and mutual education to  further global understanding.

Not debate, confrontation, shouting and worse. We reserve the right to delete such comments.


Editorial board

The Transnational is edited by the Board of TFF through it’s director and co-founder Jan Oberg.


Copyright – Yes, please re-use and…

The Transnational encourages your reproduction of any materials by TFF Associates. We are grateful for your sharing of our community’s thoughts. Just indicate the source and do not shorten or edit unless you make it clear that that’s what you do and make a link to the entire article.

When it comes to curated materials here, we suggest you go to the original source.

And, finally – we are always happy to hear from you or receive links to articles you believe should be found here. Use the contact page or write to TFF@transnational.org

Last updated
December 10, 2018