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We want to avoid that you and TFF support the banking world with all its negative features.

We, therefore, suggest that you use PayPal and, if in Sweden, Swish (see below).

Below find also our bank accounts in Sweden and Germany if bank transfer is the easiest method and your preference.

We are very grateful if you send this page to another friend of peace or post it on social media. Nobody is better able to persuade somebody about a cause than the one who already supports it.

And, oh no, sorry … we do not accept cheques. And we no longer have bank accounts in Norway and Denmark – too expensive and too much trouble.

So here is how you can donate any sum one time, or go for a regular support US$ 5 to 500 per month. And there is also the option to make a donation and get an original piece of art – see here.



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1. Single donations

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2. Regular monthly donations

Donate either between US$ 5 and 200 or between US$ 200 and 500 below.
You instruct PayPal when you want to cancel your regular donation.

GIVE 5-200 USD

GIVE 200 – 500 USD



Om du har en svensk mobil och Swish swisha ditt stödbelopp till
0738 525200.


Bank accounts – if you really prefer

Sparbanken Skåne
Account # 8313 9 534 001 353 0
IBAN: SE07 80000 8313 9534 0013 530

Bank giro # 5350-3314
Please write your name, address and email so it is clearly readable.
IBAN: SE34 9500 0099 6026 4949 484

Sparkasse Heidelberg
Kto (bank account): 908 17 71
BLZ (bank code): 672 500 20
IBAN: DE84672500200009081771
Write “Rund um die Welt” as the recipient, not TFF.

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