New TFF Associate: Dragana Maksimovic










Born December 9, 1993


Master’s in Peace Studies, Faculty of Political Science, University of Belgrade

Master’s in Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade

Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade: Italian language, culture and literature, average grade 9.25/10

Grammar school ‘’DusanVasiljev’’, 23 300 Kikinda, Serbia.


Work Experience

April 2018-present
Entrepreneur, self-employed

September 2017-March 2018
English teacher, p.u. Happy Kids

Translator for the company ‘’Team Leather d.o.o.’’ in Belgrade which collaborates with the company Sidepel s.p.a. in Montegranaro, Italy

Italian language teacher, the Youth Office at the municipality of Zvezdara, Belgrade]

Assistant at a law office to assist Italian clients

Volunteer translator working with Nurdor.
I translate texts from Serbian to Italian and vice versa for Nurdor organization that cooperates with the Bologna Children’s Hospital.



Computer skills
Windows, MS Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), Photoshop, mail and Internet.

Foreign languages
Italian – expert C2, 
English – C1, 
Spanish – C1
, Russian – B2, 
Serbian (native language)



Member of the youth field unit of the Red Cross of Kikinda
 Volunteer in NURDOR (National Association of Parents of children with cancer).

As a member of these organizations, I have had many experiences in face to face fundraising, working with kids. 
I lived abroad (1 year in Italy and 4 months in the United States) and I came in contact with many different cultures and nationalities, I had the chance to discuss global problems with many people from different backgrounds who helped me get a wider image of the things happening in the world right now.

Since childhood, I’ve been interested in helping other people and that’s why I became an active member of the Red Cross youth field unit and NURDOR organization.

In the year 2014, I started travelling through Europe and around the whole world, meeting different people on the road who would invite me in their houses and shared a dinner or helped me in different ways even though I was a complete stranger to them. I spent months on the road where I experienced complete freedom and had a chance to chat with strangers about different topics, mainly international politics.

I discovered how different we all are, but in the same time, I realised that people on this planet are mainly good and that united we could change our world and make it a better place for all of us, a place without violence and bloodshed.

I also discovered how very confused many people are about things happening in the world.

That’s when I decided I wanted to study political science because I wanted to share my thoughts about what I knew, and I knew that by gaining a degree in that field, people would be more keen to read me even though my point of view often differs from the mainstream one. I successfully got accepted in the Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution master program at Belgrade University (directed at the time by another TFF Associate, Radmila Nakarada). There I met wonderful professors with a lot of knowledge and experience.

In February 2018 I met Jan Oberg, as he was a guest lecturer at my faculty. He was talking about Syria and international politics and he immediately noticed how interested I was in what he had to say because one rarely meets professors who talk so openly about real problems happening in the world. That was the day when I got to respect him. After that we stayed in contact, we became friends and he gave comments and suggestions upon reading my manuscripts.

I believe that, if you work hard, you can achieve all the goals you set for yourself. 
I am very grateful and honoured that Jan invited me to become a TFF Associate.


Humans Of Pangaea Earth – Hope in humanity

Finally, on Instagram I post photos and videos of real stories of ordinary people around the world. Pangaea means entire earth. You may see and follow here.


About myself
People consider me to be enthusiastic, communicative, open, dynamic, ambitious, curious and determined. I’m skilled in interpersonal problem solving, good as a group leader and with an ability to work under pressure. I’m said to be quite quite adaptable and I do have quite an experience in working in multicultural settings. Finally, I am picking up languages easily and, thus, fluent in Serbian, English, Spanish, Italian and Russian.



Phone +381616951827


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  3. зоран   December 3, 2018 at 2:18 pm

    this is nice, but isn’t a bit too much of her personal information exposed here? date of birth, education, personal cell phone and email? it is perhaps enough to briefly summarize her qualifications with a “welcome note”. the rest is way too much for her own good. thanks.

    • JO   December 3, 2018 at 3:33 pm

      May I ask who is asking and why? TFF Associates are most often presented this way.


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