A Call for Love in the Face of Hatred: Rabbi Lerner’s talk at Muhammad Ali’s Memorial

  By Rabbi Michael Lerner • In case you who missed it, here’s Rabbi Lerner’s talk at Muhammed Ali’s funeral. If it inspires you, please read below for how to be an ally with Rabbi Lerner to help build the world he describes. To read the transcript of his speech, click here. Wondering why Rabbi Lerner […]

A Comparative Study of World’s Truth Commissions: From Madness to Hope

A Comparative Study of World’s Truth Commissions: From Madness to Hope

  By Bishnu Pathak • The objective of this paper is to explore the initiatives and practices of different countries in truth seeking. Many countries during the post-conflict, colonial, slavery, anarchical and cultural genocide periods establish the Truth Commissions to respond to the past human wrongdoings: crimes and crimes against humanity. Enforced Disappearances (ED), killings, […]


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Various aspects of and approaches to this “essentially contested” concept. And various ways of thinking across cultures. Stuff here is both theoretical and practical – with an emphasis on the former. We thought that a slightly blurred image of a sunset – the far horizon – could illustrate these endeavours. The moment we think we […]