Honor, Humiliation, and Terror – Book note

Honor, Humiliation, and Terror – Book note

New book by Evelin Lindner

• Humankind has reached a boiling point. Violence, hatred, and terror have become deeply entangled with honor, heroism, glory, loyalty, and love. Over the past five percent of modern human history on planet Earth, roughly the past ten millennia, human activity has reached a crescendo of rapid and ruthless competition for domination, a fight for power over people and the planet, where “might” has become “right.”

Within this context, a dangerous culture of honor has evolved, in which destruction is mercilessly merged with love: “It is my duty, if I love my people, to heroically destroy our enemies and secure all resources for us,” underwritten by an ominous motto: “If you want peace, prepare for war.”

Humanity has haphazardly constructed an entire world-system on top of this merger, holding the whole world hostage through never-ending cycles of domination and humiliation.

The consequence, today, is the ubiquitous destruction of human and environmental life on this planet.

Terror and terrorism are the tools of a twisted honor system that should alert us to the mounting danger while we still have a window of opportunity for change.

With this book, the author encourages us to recognize the immense historic opportunity that is open to us in the wake of these dangerous times. Drawing on 40 years of research gathered on her personal path of living globally, she calls us to action in service of restoring and replenishing the health of human arrangements of relationships, emphasizing the lifesaving necessity of mutually dignifying cooperation.

When we overcome the legacy of honor and terror together, in mutual respect, we can address the social and environmental crises of our time and the terror these developments foment.

This book is a breathtaking, globally informed account of how humanity can reverse the rising tide of terror, making dignity our destiny and legacy … before it is too late.

You can buy Evelin Lindner’s book directly from the publishers, Praeger (the first three books) and Dignity Press, or from Barnes & Noble or Amazon.

Here is the executive summary of her book

And here the whole book – 860 pages chock-full of knowledge and wisdom – as PDF.


Jan Oberg comments:

Evelin is my friend and TFF Associate and I can say that I have met few people in my life with such a life-encompassing devotion to make the world a better place. Imagine, Evelin doesn’t have what you and I call a home. She leads a global network of immense innovative importance, speaks and travels – and lives like a nomad. As simple – and as complicated – as that. And then churns out one impressive study after the other.
Like TFF she is dependent on no government or corporate money and thinks always in human, alternative terms. That’s why we have been associated with each other since 1999 – when we ran into each other in Burundi.
I can’t recommend Evelin, her global network and the World Dignity University enough. You too will be amazed that there are such people working in this way. In this world.




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