On the possibilities of peace, inside & out: Introducing “Home to Gaia”

On the possibilities of peace, inside & out: Introducing “Home to Gaia”


By Ina Curic

TFF Associate*

September 21, 2018 – Peace Day


“Home To Gaia” – An illustrated storybook about finding peace and love inside to share it outside – Age 3 and up


Can we work for peace in the world when being conflict-ridden inside? Are we collectively responsible for the conflicts and violence in the world?

These are questions and conversations we’ve had many times with professionals in the peacebuilding field. Going for both/and as well as the link between inner and outer realities is a good start when we become aware that everything we are, think and act upon influences our whole environment and the collective consciousness.

Political peace is not just about envisioning with the heart but also about putting forward reasonable possibilities to actually create harmony inside out.

Fair chances to co-create together wonderful visions for all humankind may appear when we are secure about our own worthiness to be loved regardless of what we achieve to merit it. They may also emerge when we are able to connect to others outside the competition paradigm that sets us apart – and when we realize our equal dignity and inclusion in the circle of life.

What does love have to do with peace?

What does peace have to do with sleep?

And why on earth this widespread belief that peace in the world is impossible, too difficult, a distant utopian vision? w

Why don’t we just do what we can, namely to start with the small, the first, steps?

Maybe wars outside are too difficult to tackle? Too difficult to see the possibility to end of that and other violence? Perhaps it is too disheartening to read about the military budgets around the world and the mainstream domination paradigm still so strong? Or perhaps it is just that people are better at doing criticism than to see constructive ways out – and people in power want us to feel powerless? And thus the stereotypical connotations of and resistance to peace, the lack of attention peace politics receive.

To zoom in, though, the restlessness we each may feel in various degrees inside, while living our conflict-ridden lives could be handled so it would become easier to work for transformation and global change for the common good. One person and one day and one issue at a time.

If we take a look at both social and spiritual leaders that have emphasized this inner-outer war connection – from Dalai Lama, Gandhi, and Krishnamurti to Mandela and Luther King, Jr. – we find ourselves in good company and clarity.

I believe the time of “fighting for peace” is gone. And what instead is on, is the surrendering to the possibilities of joy, abundance and dignity for all.


• •


So, what about a roadmap to start building peace inside out, from kindergarten?

This way, by changing the stories we tell our children and ourselves about the world, we might have a chance to build peace in the imagination – brick-by-brick – in a few generations of real peace loving kids.

Home to Gaia is a children’s storybook for all ages that have not yet mastered the connection to inner peace and security.  It translates into the language of a five year old what many adults in the world have not mastered yet, otherwise it would collectively show.



“We are one star, just one my four year old having tested the story said. She is not afraid to go to sleep in the dark anymore.

My five year old told me one day – before even catching this story – that she knows I am just a symbol: “The true mother is Mother Earth”!

Well, we will begin science education  later on, explaining that – really – this planet is just a rock hurdling through infinite space.

Or, also, we’ll find scientific research that supports the Gaia theory/hypothesis the oneness of all components of the earth’s eco-system. But right now, they need an earthly anchor.

So take Gaia as metaphor. Play and invent anything else if you will. Just take the time to sink in and be fully in peace and love with yourself.

There is a probability that this could suffice and over time spread to create a more benign world. Happy and joyful people hardly starts wars or kill…

If you really knew you are loved no matter what you do, what would you choose?



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* Ina Curic with Imagine Creatively created a series of children’s books to teach children about permaculture, peace, and healthy engagement with life, food, conflict and the world. Her storybooks  can be used as tools for social and environmental sustainability, weaving healthy connections to self, others and nature.



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