The Narrative of Peace: What We Can Learn From the History of Peace Thought

The Narrative of Peace: What We Can Learn From the History of Peace Thought

  By John Gittings • “Although most people have always sought to live in peace, our perception of the past is over-dominated by a narrative that is obsessed with war”, argues John Gittings – long-standing ORG Adviser and Guardian Writer, in his latest book ‘The Glorious Art of Peace: From the Iliad to Iraq’, published […]


Culture is as difficult to define as peace. It has many connotations – ways of living and thinking, cultural production, social cosmology, habits and mores, civilisation etc. We’re not too keen on strict classifications. Here we publish materials that fall in a few categories – all in some way related to what it would take […]


Under this menu we bring interesting – mainly theoretical – materials that belong to the interesting intersection between peace and other ways of thinking. They can be seen as related to it, relevant for and interacting with peace endeavours.

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The roll-down menus give you access to (almost) everything TFF Associates have produced since end of 2017 – their writings and videos, their media comment, broadcasts, essays and poetry. The Treasures of their writings 2006-2012 can be found here. And all that we published by them 2012-2017 is here. Time to explore and see how […]


Various aspects of and approaches to this “essentially contested” concept. And various ways of thinking across cultures. Stuff here is both theoretical and practical – with an emphasis on the former. We thought that a slightly blurred image of a sunset – the far horizon – could illustrate these endeavours. The moment we think we […]

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