A Guide to Martin Luther King, Jr.

A Guide to Martin Luther King, Jr.

By Jan Oberg

January 21, 2019 – Martin Luther King Day

Since The Transnational is also a public education site, we believe a handy, comprehensive guide to materials about Martin Luther King, Jr. should be found here:

For his indisputable greatness as a human being, thinker and activist and for you to see just how far today’s United States of America is from its basic ideals, ideals that he stated so clearly and convincingly.

Such ideals must never be allowed to die, neither be turned into lifeless traditions over time that are only paid lip service to at memorial occasions.

Martin Luther King, Jr. has a series of messages for today’s world – and inspires anyone who wants to bring about change towards peace.

We are particularly fascinated by his elaborations of the concept of The Beloved Community.

And we’ve published two other guides earlier:

Michel Chossudovsky, TFF Associate, Global Research Guide to Martin Luther King, Jr.

Robert Burrowes, Nonviolence or Nonexistence? The Legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. – article with a comprehensive list of references.


Encyclopædia Britannica

The National Archives

Cornell University’s primary sources

The King Center

The American Thinker

Books and bibliography

Glossary of nonviolence

Clayborn Carson, The Autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr. – and other publications on Goodreads

“I Have A Dream” speech – video

A 1961 interview with BBC at the age of 32

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