Why China isn’t really a surveillance state

Why China isn’t really a surveillance state

Jerry Grey

August 30, 2023

British born Australian Jerry Grey describes himself in this way on his YouTube Channel “Jerry’s Take On China”:

“Over the last 18 years I’ve lived, worked, married, studied and now retired in China. I’ve travelled about 30,000 kilometres on a bike around China and there are only 3 mainland provinces I haven’t visited yet.
I may not be an expert, no one is and anyone claiming to be certainly isn’t. However, I have opinions, I research facts and I won’t tell you lies on this, or any other channel.
This is my China – the good (mostly) the bad (sometimes) and the Ugly (rarely, China is beautiful and so are the people).”

By the way, Jerry Grey is a former police officer in London and has an MA in Cross-Cultural Change Management.

He also writes articles – mainly about China – on Medium.

In this short video lecture, Grey gives you some perspectives and interpretation which, of course, you never get in the orchestrated Western anti-China (sinophobic) mainstream media. Enjoy!

And then take a look at his Channel.

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