A few minutes from US war on Iran

A few minutes from US war on Iran

By Jan Oberg

June 21, 2019

Shortly after the media broke the news that President Trump had first endorse bombing of Iran and then called it off – see the report by the New York Times here – I had the opportunity and privilege to speak with iran’s PressTV about various aspects of this very dangerous tension build-up.

The program first discusses the sensational pictures of the American drone which was shot down by Iran after which the anchor turns to me.

PressTV June 21, 2019

One Response to "A few minutes from US war on Iran"

  1. F Jahanpour   June 22, 2019 at 2:12 pm

    Many thanks for this enlightening interview. The neocons in the Trump administration, including John Bolton and Pompeo, had set a trap for Trump to start a war with Iran. He has taken a step back this time but there is no guarantee that next time we will be as lucky. The fact that Trump has imposed crushing sanctions on Iran and is forcing other countries to observe those sanctions too is in fact a siege and blockade of Iran which is an act of war. Arming Iran’s neighbours, Israel, Saudi Arabia and UAE, to the teeth and calling on Iran to get rid of its missiles and practically to disarm are also all provocations that may lead to war.

    It is the duty of the rest of the world, especially the Europeans who will suffer most as the result of a war and disruption in oil and gas supplies, to make it absolutely clear to the Trump administration that they will not tolerate another war in the Middle East. Meanwhile, every effort should be made to reduce tension and make sure that a war does not happen by accident.

    Incidentally, where are the United Nations secretary general and the Security Council whose job it is to prevent aggression and any threats to international peace and security in the face of possibly the most devastating conflicts since the Second World War?


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