The New York Pravda Times

The New York Pravda Times

An example of Western quality journalism’s decay and adaptation to political correctness. Jan Oberg January 3, 2021 Many have considered the New York Times one of the finest pieces of journalism anywhere. In 1971, it had the courage to publish The Pentagon Papers by Daniel Ellsberg which revealed how the US, in reality, conducted its […]

Jan Oberg’s Prime Minister Speech on the Corona crisis

Jan Oberg’s Prime Minister Speech on the Corona crisis

Or your government leader’s Coronavirus speech that was never given. Do not believe the future will be better before you hear leaders say something like this… The speech can be seen as part of TFF’s Campaign “Convert Military Expenditures to Global Problem-Solving”. January 1, 2021 See and listen to the speech by clicking on Vimeo […]


Culture is as difficult to define as peace. It has many connotations – ways of living and thinking, cultural production, social cosmology, habits and mores, civilisation etc. We’re not too keen on strict classifications. Here we publish materials that fall in a few categories – all in some way related to what it would take […]

TFF Associates Blog

The roll-down menus give you access to (almost) everything TFF Associates have produced since end of 2017 – their writings and videos, their media comment, broadcasts, essays and poetry. The Treasures of their writings 2006-2012 can be found here. And all that we published by them 2012-2017 is here. Time to explore and see how […]


Various aspects of and approaches to this “essentially contested” concept. And various ways of thinking across cultures. Stuff here is both theoretical and practical – with an emphasis on the former. We thought that a slightly blurred image of a sunset – the far horizon – could illustrate these endeavours. The moment we think we […]

Themes & programs

From 2018 and onwards, TFF’s themes and programs focus on these areas with criticism and constructive alternatives for each: 1. The Middle East – Conflicts, changes and future peace options. Focus on Iran with three sub-projects: A) Countering the West’s negative view. B) Help develop academic peace research at Tehran’s University. C) A photo book […]

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