The U.S. destruction of Nord Stream Anniversary

The U.S. destruction of Nord Stream Anniversary

Jan Oberg

September 26, 2023

The destruction of the Nord Stream pipelines had neither a photogenic character nor a death toll comparable with 9/11, 2001. It also did not provoke a German or Russian response in the vicinity of the totally out-of-proportion US Global War on Terror that has cost millions of innocent lives. That said, one could hypothesise that, as a destructive event and over time, this gigantic infrastructure destruction will have consequences for the international order as comprehensive as 9/11.

Be this as it may, we’ve all noticed how this unique destruction disappeared very quickly from the media and has also not been mentioned in, say, statements from NATO, G7, G 20 or the EU. The world has also not heard anything from any formal investigation, and an investigation could hardly take more than a year given that it would, in principle at least, be fast, hardworking and well-financed and given the urgency of the matter.

Close-by countries like Sweden and Denmark have strong reasons to remain silent about US policies and activities.

Neither has the constructed, bizarre US “intelligence” hypothesis about a handful of pro-Ukrainian/Russian individuals in a small boat being the perpetrators been promoted for long. It was spread by a couple of US and German newspapers in the week right after German Chancellor Olaf Scholz’ media black-outed weekend trip to visit, for a few hours, President Biden in The White House.

“Exactly, my dear Watson” … the reason behind all this, of course, is that Nord Stream was blown up by the US – and not by, say, Russia, China, Iran, North Korea or al-Quada.

The fact that both Joe Biden and Victoria Nuland announced that the US would blow it up, the fact that very few countries would be technically able to do it, and the fact that by far the most solid analyses (see below) unanimously point in that direction makes this an overwhelmingly solid interpretation. At least until some official investigation puts another name on the perpetrator by empirically solid evidence.

In and of itself, a crime of such proportions must not be forgotten. Secondly, it has already had huge consequences for Europe’s economic situation, such as on the prices of energy – a kind of US economic warfare on its submissive allies. Third, it has contributed to Russia turning its back to Western Europe and linking up with a series of other, non-Western, countries. Fourth, it’s related to the NATO-Russia conflict, which has caused the war in Ukraine, and it will have dire consequences for the rebuilding of that country. Fifth, even if things changed, it would take years to rebuild Nord Stream and, finally sixth, if the perpetrator were found, it would be natural to discuss how that country should compensate all involved parties economically. If the US, it would neither be willing nor able to pay reparations.

Since the destruction of Nord Stream involves a gigantic use of violence – albeit not on human beings – and it is part of the US/NATO conflict with Russia, it has compelled TFF to publish a number of articles about it – had the destruction been caused by a natural catastrophe, we wouldn’t.

But this is warfare – perhaps the largest single piece of economic warfare post-1945.

We here make them available in one place, at your fingertips – beginning with Seymour Hersh’s classical analyses:

Seymour Hersh, Substack, February 8, 2023
How America took out the Nord Stream pipeline.

Jan Øberg, September 28, 2023
Præsident Biden lovede at ødelægge Nordstream før Rusland invasion.

Jan Oberg, September 29, 2022
Biden and Nuland promised to destroy Nordstream before the Russian invasion.

Jan Oberg, February 12, 2023
Of course, Nordstrom was blown up by the US and NATO allies: A US economic war on submissive allies.

Headline Buster, CGTN, March 8, 2023
Report links U.S. to Nord Stream explosion, Western media silent on coverage?

Jan Oberg, Online home, March 8, 2023
How stupid do they think we are? A small pro-Ukrainian group on a yacht did whaaaat?
Western “intelligence” and the New York Times in deeper waters than usual, offering us a devious spin and fake story – sadly swallowed by the same media that omitted Hersh’s analysis.

Jan Oberg, March 10, 2023
Working with non-Western media on Nord Stream and Ukraine.

Jan Oberg, April 14, 2023
The Danish Broadcasting Company cancelled Seymour Hersh with arguments revealing its conveniently ignorant role as His US Master’s Voice.

Gordon Hahn, April 17, 2023
Hersh’s Nord Stream terrorist attack revelations and the causes of the NATO-Russian Ukraine war.

Ola Tunander, Substack, September 9, 2023
The Poseidon attack on Nord Stream: Part 1.

Ola Tunander, Substack, September 9, 2023
The Poseidon attack on Nord Stream: Part 2.

And just in…
Seymour Hersh, Substack, September 26, 2023
A year of lying about Nord Stream

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