John Pilger: “The Coming War On China” documentary from 2016

John Pilger: “The Coming War On China” documentary from 2016

This documentary by John Pilger hardly needs any introduction. It is eminently useful for public education about the history and the events in and around China that has fuelled containment for decades – elements of an understanding of the present Cold War on China that the US or NATO mainstream media will never convey to you.

February 8, 2022

John Pilger – one of the most important journalists in international affairs – does not seem to have changed the settings for this documentary on Vimeo to permit embedding it, so go here to see it on Vimeo. Much more interesting materials on John Pilger’s homepage here.

One Response to "John Pilger: “The Coming War On China” documentary from 2016"

  1. gittehector   February 20, 2022 at 2:47 am

    Thank you very much TFF for posting this important documentary. I hope you will contribute to giving access to this information to many people. Even though the world is right now more occupied by speculations about a war between NATO/Ukraine and Russia, the issue about the West’s great interest in war with China, will never go away. It is seen as the “great prize” for the declining Empire, in its violent convulsions towards the end. And the main stream media is of course singing along with ever more skrill and militaristic voices.


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