The history of China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong

The history of China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong

Richard Baum

August 19, 2020

What does China’s “One Country, Two Systems” policy mean? And how well did it work? If you’ve watched news coverage of public protests in Hong Kong, you’ll know “One Country, Two Systems” refers to how mainland China promised to govern Hong Kong after Great Britain gave up control there in 1997. It means communist oversight of a capitalist economy and culture. It also refers to China’s relationship with Taiwan.

In this lecture from 2010, “China’s Lost Territories: Taiwan, Hong Kong,” by Richard Baum for The Great Courses Plus, examine the reunification of Hong Kong with China in 1997 and the system that granted domestic autonomy to Hong Kong under Chinese sovereignty.

Then it tracks Taiwan’s transition to democracy, the turbulent movements for and against independence from China, and Beijing’s ongoing strategic efforts to reclaim the island.

Originally found on The Great Courses Plus’s Youtube channel,
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One Response to "The history of China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong"

  1. detoxasia   September 3, 2020 at 11:18 am

    I worked off and on for 12 years in Taiwan… my impression is that there are people I consider decent – ethical and realistic in business and private life…who see people in China as their relatives… they want them the best… and want China and Taiwan to be united…. Obviously we hear more about the ones who do not want that… as we in the West read/hear that from our media… But the truth is many business people from Taiwan have been and are welcome in China and have helped start industries there… and improved the standard of production in China… and many business people in Taiwan see China as a great market for them.. . One of my friends is married to a military officer, we had a chat at a family lunch… I asked him about the US… and he said ”Oh, the US is only interested in selling weapons” – (not in Taiwan per se)… I would ad, if USA can in addition to selling weapons to Taiwan irritate China well double wammie for the USA … and really there is nothing more to it… and all 3 knows… USA, Taiwan and China… The people in Taiwan… seem to me to be of a more jolly (friendly) nature… and are great entrepreneurs…


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