An ocean of lies about Venezuela

An ocean of lies about Venezuela

Abby Martin interviews the UN’s Rapporteur

By Jan Oberg

March 9, 2019

At The Transnational, we believe in diversity. And in the likelihood that world events are complex and can be seen from more than one – usually US/Western – perspective.

You may have wondered why the, now retired, UN representative for Venezuela, the brilliant lawyer, humanist and poet, Alfred De Zayas, has not been used extensively as an authority of both Venezuela and international law?

Well hardly because, like me, you had not heard of him, had you?

That’s why we should be grateful to Abby Martin and The Empire Files for having given us this conversation.

It debunks – in a fact-based and comprehensive, law-respecting manner – most of what you’ve been told and all of what, as of writing, 54 countries have done in support of the regime policies of the US rather than in support of Venezuela as a sovereign state. And of the UN and its Charter.

If, after watching this you feel better informed, please share this page with your friends and on social media.

That’s a way too to support decency in the world and in the media and the right of the Venezuelan people and leaders to find their own path to the future without the self-appointed “helpers” of what is – fakely – called the international “community”, a term that can be boiled down to a handful of Western governments representatives who increasingly live in their own world but pretend to speak for the real world.

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