Necessary readings after the Putin-Trump meeting and tabloid-like media coverage

Necessary readings after the Putin-Trump meeting and tabloid-like media coverage


TFF PressInfo # 470

Lund, Sweden – July 27, 2018

Forgive us for saying it but the coverage of the Putin-Trump meeting in the mainstream press has been painful to witness – the US media in particular.

Navel-gazing in the extreme and turning the Presidential Summit meeting about their relations and international affairs into a US domestic policy affair.

The Western media questions -also the so-called respected media – matched the rest in their narrow-minded tabloid attitude – one super fool believing he could get Putin to talk about what he “has” on Trump concerning alleged prostitute hiring in Moscow years ago – prestitutes about prostitutes!

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And – which your free press has hardly mentioned – one journalist, Sam Husseini, who intended to ask about nuclear disarmament was forcefully ejected from the hall before the press conference had started.

Here a video about it and here his own article about it in The Nation. So much for freedom of the press and Finland’s co-operation with U.S. “intelligence” agents.

No thanks!

Here met the two leaders who together sit on 13.800 (the US 6.800, Russia 7.000) of the world’s 14.900 nuclear weapons and who – like the remaining criminal nuclear states – arrogantly deny discussing, let alone signing, the Nuclear Ban Treaty that the far majority of states and virtually all human beings support (and which Sam Husseini wanted to ask questions about).

These two states have systematically done nothing but to ignore international law and violate the spirit and the letter of the Non-Proliferation Treaty, NPT – in total defiance of the wishes of humanity.

Did that occupy anyone in the media? Of course not. Far too controversial, far too politically in-correct to highlight, far too internationalist in an epoch of nationalism, militarism and exceptionalism.

Imagine these two guys had stated:

“Today, on July 16, 2018 – which also marks the 73rd Anniversary of the first nuclear weapons detonation in our world – we have signed an agreement to urgently begin talks on how to reduce our arsenals by at least 50% with the intention to reduce them even further, within the next 10 years.”

Just one concrete outcome of a well-planned and history-making meeting. Just one small step for world peace. Just one recognition of just how wrong their policies have been for decades.

Now they both did a helter-skelter “hello-good-to-see-you” meeting with no depth, no agenda and not a single concrete result. All basically blah-blah… (And media who care less for substance than body language and “performance” à la reality show).

How much contempt for the world can presidents have and still be called president and speak in the name of their respective democracies?



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