As bizarre as it gets: Trump’s video for Kim


By Jan Oberg

“The US president presented North Korea’s leader with an action-movie trailer as part of their Singapore meeting. The Guardian’s chief film critic isn’t impressed.”

In and of itself, this is bad enough. It’s actually a totally disgusting video about one man being offered a one-time choice and, if he doesn’t grasp that opportunity – if he doesn’t “go forward” – his country may be incinerated by the other great leader of the greatest country on earth, Donald Trump of the United States of America.

Here is what the Guardian’s critic, Peter Bradshaw, has to say about it as film, as drama.


One wonders what role such a “Destiny Pictures” production has to do with handling and solving one of the most dangerous issues facing humanity – that of a country loaded with nuclear weapons telling a military dwarf that it should not have a single of these weapons?

One wonders whether Mr. Trump, who during his long press conference after the meeting seemed very proud of having shown this on his iPad to the allegedly impressed Chairman Kim, sees this as a way of bonding?

Whether it comes out of a reality  show master’s way of thinking – or it was made to impress Kim, alternatively threaten him into submission by a medium that is known to fascinate him: movies.

At another level, we are here facing the complete intellectual decay of US international affairs. It can now, appropriately and fittingly as it seems, be sold by means of a Hollywood-like drama trailer.

Or is it, somehow, an attempt toincrease the chances that the Nobel Peace Prize nominee will actually receive it?

If so, let’s remember that Alfred Nobel’s will is formulated in a way that there is no way this could or should happen. Not even with a denuclearization of the Korean peninsula within this year – which is also not going to happen.

In summary, as bizarre as it gets.

See the movie here, beginning with these pathetic words: “A new world can begin today…”



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  1. Vibeke Larsen   June 19, 2018 at 7:12 pm

    Med kniven for struben. Løfter og slet skjulte trusler


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