The Political Responsibility in the Collapse of Our Planet

The Political Responsibility in the Collapse of Our Planet

By Roberto Savio

Human Wrongs Watch

Rome, Dec 27, 2017 – On 20 December, Europe’s 28 Ministers of Environment met in Brussels, to discuss the plan for reducing emissions prepared by the Commission, to comply with the Paris Agreement on climate change.
Well, it is now clear that we have lost the battle in keeping the planet as we have known it.
Now, of course, this can be considered a personal opinion of mine, devoid of objectivity.

Therefore, I will bring a lot of data, history and facts, to make it concrete. Data and facts have good value: they focus any debate, while ideas do not.

So those who do not like facts, please stop reading here. You will escape a boring article, as probably all of mine are, because I am not looking to entertain, but to create awareness. If you stop reading, you will also lose a chance to know our sad destiny.

As common in politics now, interests have won over values and vision. The ministers decided (with some resistance from Denmark and Portugal), to reduce Europe’s commitment.

This is going in the Trump direction, who left the Paris Agreement, to privilege American interests, without any attention to the planet. So, Europe is just following.

Of course, those alive now will not pay any price: the next generations will be the victims of a world more and more inhospitable. Few of the people who made to Paris in 2015, solemn engagements in the name of all humankind to save the planet, will be alive 30 years from now, when the change will become irreversible. And it will be also clear that humans are the only animals who do not defend nor protect their habitat.

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One Response to "The Political Responsibility in the Collapse of Our Planet"

  1. Tom Lowe   January 8, 2018 at 3:13 am

    Human beings are the only creatures who soil their own nests .


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