Welcome to The Transnational 2018

Welcome to The Transnational 2018


By the Founders

Lund, Sweden, January 1, 2018

Welcome to TFF’s new 2018 homepage in magazine format. It’s launched in our 32nd year of operation for the highest goal of the UN and humankind – to create peace by peaceful means.

What you find on this platform is:

• Articles and videos by roughly 60 TFF Associates around the world, one of the most experienced peace research and policy communities anywhere.

• Curated materials about selected global peace and conflict issues as well as the future world order – in magazine style. New stuff daily.

• Library of links/menus above to news, analyses, education and inspiration – carefully selected for their quality and trustworthiness.

• Archives for 1986-97 before we jumped on the Internet; 1997-2017 – all in all some 7 000 articles by about 60 former and present TFF Associates around the world.

In short, The Transnational is your trustworthy alternative in times of censorship, fake, deleted and distorted information.

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It’s interactive and open to dialogue, comment and critique by our visitors. It looks great on your computer screen, your tablet and your phone.


Walking on two legs

It represents the foundation’s wish to be a little less dependent on social media in the future.

Regrettably, we live in times when the Internet has increasingly become a political battlefield and Internet neutrality is destroyed. Censorship is a fact at both Facebook, Twitter and Google.

All you and we do, search, prefer and say is monitored and collected. While TFF will remain on social media, we also want to have our own forum (this one is hosted by WordPress.com).

TFF saw this coming during 2017 and wants to provide you with knowledge, debate articles and videos etc. at this new online magazine platform. Much broader and diversified than anything you and we can do on social media.

This is also an all-inclusive TFF place; our Internet presence since 1997 is archived on top of the page.

We invite you hereby to learn, to dialogue and share on this new quality platform. While TFF remains on various social media too.

While we have re-invented ourselves a bit, we’re the same good old TFF in that we remain totally independent of government and corporate funding, only people-financed and all-volunteer, and in the service of peace and a better global future.

And let us not lose hope in these times of dangerous world crisis.

Fabulous new opportunities are emerging and will gain strength once the U.S. Empire belongs to history. TFF will be there.

Jan Oberg & Christina Spännar


4 Responses to "Welcome to The Transnational 2018"

  1. Vibeke Larsen   January 15, 2018 at 8:54 pm

    I want to know, if future World order means new World order?

    • JO   January 15, 2018 at 11:24 pm

      Hi Vibeke – it can, of course, mean more things, but in this context we refer to the world order that is already emerging outside the West and which will manifest itself more markedly when the US Empire has fallen. That’s why you will also see that we here – at the bottom of the front page – have headlines/sections with the future, China’s Silk project and links in the link collection about regional organisations because we think they will become more important than states in the future. Hope this helps… – Best, Jan

  2. Bente Petersen   January 3, 2018 at 1:20 am

    This is truly GOOD NEWS… We need an independent source of news as the desert needs water… I keep sorting and there are less and less and less media that are worth the time reading… they regurgitate the one another’s fake news… its insane… so THANK YOU FOR THIS GREAT INITIATIVE !!!!!

    • JO   January 3, 2018 at 10:09 am

      Many thanks for your upbeat comment. There is a link to Global News, yes. But most of what we offer is background, theories and more to understand what is going on in our complex world. We see public education – based on research work – as essentially important. But there are so many news-only sites that we won’t compete in that field. Best – Jan


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