Support Julian Assange before it’s too late

Support Julian Assange before it’s too late

October 8, 2023

The Nobel “Peace” Committee should have rewarded Julian Assange for his long service in fighting wars – by revealing how they are master-minded and fought with no connection to official explanations and narratives. It would then also have done something for the freedom of expression and human rights – including this hero’s right to live in freedom.

But the NATO Norway Committee consists – in violation of the wish of Alfred Nobel – of former parliamentarians (and not of experts in peace as he mentioned) and has, therefore, no wish or ability to reward dissidents in the West or people who devote their lives to fight also US/NATO wars – as did Daniel Ellsberg.

Shame upon the Committee! And thanks from our hearts to both Julian and Yanis.

Jan Oberg
TFF director and editor of The Transnational

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