Better World Info – Unique Platform for Peace Activists

Better World Info – Unique Platform for Peace Activists

Dr Norbert Stute & Rachael Mellor

September 4, 2023

Better World Info is a unique platform for peace, offering important resources and reliable information on the most pressing peace issues.
We invite peace activists who enjoy research and content creation to contact us and contribute to this ever-growing, high-quality Peace Directory making a difference.

While military budgets are skyrocketing, peacebuilding remains a grossly underfunded sideline. Global military spending increased for the eighth consecutive year in 2022, reaching a staggering $2.2 trillion. More 28 wars and armed conflicts are currently active, deadly, and unrelenting.

“The world is over-armed, and peace is under-funded,” said Ban Ki-moon, former UN Secretary-General.

Advancing peace efforts effectively is a collaborative journey. Our common goals for peace require the active participation and shared support of activists, organisations, journalists, scientists, politicians, and philanthropists.

The power of awareness and political education is not a task we should relinquish solely to social media, Google, Wikipedia, ChatGPT, or the NATO-compliant tabloid and mass media.

The peace movement has many excellent networks, organisations, and forums which specialise in localised issues and work independently, for example, the IPB, Peace News, WRI, TFF, World Beyond War, ICAN, CND, Stop War UK, and CAAT. Peace websites, newsletters, demonstrations, webinars, and forums are all important instruments of peace work.

There is a need to bring together up-to-date knowledge on an international level, provide an open platform for this knowledge to be shared, and expand our collective reach beyond the peace movement. In today’s fast-moving world, we must be able to familiarize ourselves on multiple complex topics quickly, all in one place.

This is where Better World Info comes in.

Better World Info is a non-profit website that offers a user-friendly, comprehensive internet directory with 500,000 hand-selected links on global topics in both English and German. It provides tools for individuals who want to improve our world, supports their projects, and promotes networking among NGOs.

In addition to the topic of peace, you will find many related subjects such as human rights, politics and elections, social justice, the environment, the global climate crisis, development and aid, education, and alternative news.

With over 100,000 links dedicated to peacebuilding and the peace movement, this valuable tool for peace activists has been trusted and recommended by the International Peace Bureau (IPB) for many years. With your help, this platform will become even better!

Platform for Peace –

Discover an impressive collection of important peace organisations, news sources, events and campaigns, as well as how to get involved if you are new to the peace community. Learn how to launch high-profile, effective, and non-violent peace campaigns. Find peace-related online courses, and learn how to become proficient in social media for peace advocacy.
In our section on nonviolence, find excellent examples of nonviolent action and celebrated pacifists. Explore how peace education can be used as a tool for conflict resolution and peaceful solutions. Discover handpicked educational programs, courses, and resources promoting conflict management and peace.

Learn about the work of exemplary peacemakers, advocates of nonviolence, and conscientious objectors, as well as the excellent peace prizes that honour the individuals dedicated to forging a more peaceful world.

Platform on Conflict Regions –

This section is dedicated to areas of the world suffering from wars and daily violence. It provides information on current and past armed conflicts and the inevitable humanitarian crises that follow. Find extensive profiles on Yemen, Tigray, Sudan, Darfur, Somalia, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Israel and Palestine.

In our unique category on the Russian invasion of Ukraine you will find over 10,000 resources from a peace perspective, including in-depth background information, to detailed analysis of the consequences, and peaceful solutions –

Platform on the Military & Weapons –

In addition to in-depth analysis of the world’s largest militaries, find extensive critique on the deadly weapons industry, the arms trade and arms exports, NATO, escalating military spending, increased global militarisation, and the urgent need for disarmament.

Under Weapons Systems you will find resources on the Eurofighter, Combat Drones, Uranium Munitions, F-18 and F-35 Fighter Jets, Future Combat Air System, and Dark Eagle Hypersonic Missiles.

We also feature extensive coverage of wars in the 20th and 21st centuries and the US War on Terror.

Platform on Nuclear Disarmament –

Nuclear missiles are weapons of mass destruction; even just one nuclear warhead is capable of destroying an entire city and all of its inhabitants. Find over 10,000 resources on nukes, the dangers and outrageous costs of them, and the campaigns, initiatives, and treaties fighting for an outright ban.

We use Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to raise awareness of important global issues and events. Stay ahead with the latest developments by following us on Twitter and subscribing to our excellent Twitter lists on peace, conflict zones, the military and real news. More peace themes will be added this year.

To continue expanding this unique peace platform, further improve our expertise, and spread the word far and wide, we need your help!

As a participatory platform, we encourage users to contribute their knowledge and experience. If you have important information that you want to share with others, then you’ve come to the right place. Peace experts and activists, in particular, are welcome to share their resources and suggest improvements.

You can also link Better World Info as a peace resource on your website to help share this wonderful platform and our global vision for peace – join a global community of peace advocates today!

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