From Warfare to Peacefare Economic Thinking

From Warfare to Peacefare Economic Thinking

Jan Oberg

August 20, 2022

This analysis of warfare, peace and economic thinking was written at the invitation of the esteemed magazine China Investment and published in its July 2022 issue in both Chinese and English.

I was delighted to be invited to write and to learn that a Chinese investment/economics magazine would take interest in peace. I have never been asked to do something like that by a similar Western magazine. In addition, the cooperation about it with editor Wang Xiaobo was smooth and super-professional, and the editor-in-chief has expressed an interest in printing articles by me in the future too.

Please now read “From Warfare to Peacefare Economic Thinking” in
“China Investment” in English or Chinese.

Or as PDF which you can also download freely:

3 Responses to "From Warfare to Peacefare Economic Thinking"

  1. Earl Gordon   September 16, 2022 at 8:27 pm

    Yes, we need to re-think where our money is going. Stop the gerarchi (cabal, Gates, Rothschields, Millionaires, Billionaires,etc.) from controlling our governments (in the West as well as in the East). First step is get rid of the FED who produce fake currency, fooling they think everyone and eliminate the debt of all nations. Gesara/Cesara. Next step is to find a way to convert the Military Industrial Complex into something that will benefit peace and humanity. It is obvious that there are thousands of industries and businesses who stake their living on the money coming from the (MIC) Military Industrial Complex. These companies must find another way, another object , another business, to place their employees so they can still make a living and help humanity instead of keep producing weapons of war. They must change to producing weapons of war to weapons of peace (ie. health care for the poor and others, build tractors and encourage ex-employees to take lessons on how to cultivate the earth and produce food for the good of everyone and a thousand of other jobs that will benefit the world as a whole instead of weapons that will only KILL.)

  2. Alfred Vierling   August 22, 2022 at 10:36 am

    Mr. Jan Oberg, as you know we differ lightyears in focus on migration and european peoples’s replacement policies, but that doesnot preclude me from admiration for your ever lasting war against atlantic war-mongering and search for peace. I feel very proud to see your article in a Chinese Newspaper and I shall use it 1. by explicit reference for my own lectures against anti-Russia hysteria in The Netherlands as well as for improving my reading of Chinese characters.

    I hope,maybe in vain, that you will also learn from the Chinese the importance of ethnic prevalence in national and international politics so as to thwarting timely the centrifugal forces which pop up in Europe as a result of angelic blindness for ethno-cultural clashes with the exra-European massive influx of afro-mohammedans. These are the useful idiots of the Davosian neocon globalists breaking up all possible resistance to their nefarious plans.

    Ever since our ‘Dialogue’Conference in Paris against NATO bombing of Yougoslavia I have held you in high esteem, in spite of your unwillingness to discuss the immigration problematic afore-mentioned.
    with kind regards,

    alfred vierling
    The Hague

    • JO   August 23, 2022 at 7:55 am

      Hi Alfred
      Thanks for your appreciation. And thanks for distinguishing between the two issues and where we stand. I agree that because one has a dispute on one point with someone, one does not have to paint everything else black. So we agree to disagree there and to agree here. I am now working quite a lot with Chinese media and the China Invest is a very respected monthly magazine. You may find them on and on my online home and blog: – Best, Jan


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