Larry Wilkerson: It’s time to roll back NATO itself

Larry Wilkerson: It’s time to roll back NATO itself

Paul Jay

Paul Jay video interview with Lawrence Wilkinson

February 3, 2022

When it comes to international affairs and peace, it’s never been more important than today to find and follow truly free and intellectual alternatives to the Western mainstream media. You cannot understand the world we live in through their more or less constructed narratives, homogenisation, omissions and -increasingly often – pure propaganda and lies.

One such must-follow source is TheAnalysis.News by Paul Jay and Sharemini Peries. Please read about it and its noble aims here. And subscribe to its Newsletter.

The Analysis.News recently brought us a 40 minutes conversation between Paul Jay and Larry Wilkerson which explores the dangerous madness, the immense risks, the human vanity and military/nuclear interest dominance behind the world’s risk crisis, here with a focus on the tension between NATO and Russia concerning Ukraine (and more).

We highly recommend this conversation – for media people, concerned citizens, students and activists alike. It cuts right to the bone thanks to being based on knowledge, a sense of history, the ability to see where the essentials lie and a keen interest in ethics.

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