John Avery: Working for peace since 1954

John Avery: Working for peace since 1954

We at TFF are proud to present one of our most amazing Associates who – in so many different ways – has worked for peace over 67 years. His knowledge is encyclopaedic and covers so many fields that it is hard to grasp. Even at the age of 88 and with various health problems and failing eyesight, he writes every day, most of the day – in the belief that we are all responsible for doing all that we can and that it is only through knowledge, humanity and vision we can survive in the long-term perspective as one humanity.

The book you can download below runs over 500+ pages – and it’s just one of John’s many. It contains much more than the story of Avery’s work for peace: articles, essays, comments and whole books on various aspects of global affairs. Better scroll and browse and be inspired than dropping it because it is long. All serious and comprehensive knowledge requires longer texts, the holistic argument, and can never be compressed on a couple of pages, tweets or in secondary literature as many seem to believe in these time of post-literacy.

The good thing is that he is easy to read.

Avery is a very rare macro-thinker in time and space and his main focus through it all is peace – people among us all on this tiny planet, peace with the yet unborn and peace between cultures and with Mother Earth.

When the history of Danish, Nordic or Western intellectualism and future thinking shall be written, he deserves to figure very prominently. But he is also a very modest man with soft-spoken wisdom, and far too few people in and outside academia know of his immensely important lifelong devotion to public education on world affairs. He simply doesn’t fit the superficiality of our present times.

We’ve published John’s work regularly over the years. TFF hopes to help him, just a tiny bit, to reach many people with his urgently important messages.

Do yourself, John and humanity the favour of sharing the link of this TFF post with people in your circles. Thanks!

John Scales Avery

October 5, 2021

A new freely downloadable book

I would like to announce the publication of a book that discusses the things that I have experienced during my 67 years of work in the peace movement. The book can be read here and may also be freely downloaded and circulated from the following link:

Holger Terp’s invitation

Seven years ago, Holger Terp, the founder and web editor of the Danish Peace Academy, invited me to write something about my 60 years of work in the peace movement. I gladly accepted his invitation, because I was 81 years old, and in poor health. I thought that I might not have another opportunity to write about my experiences the peace movement. The most rewarding thing about working for peace is that it allows you to meet really wonderful people, and what I wrote at Holger’s invitation is mainly about the fantastic friends with whom I was privileged to work.

Seven years later

Now, seven years later, I am almost 88 years old, still with serious health problems, and during the last two years, also with failing eyesight, but miraculously still alive. I have written a great deal during the last seven years, and almost all hac been about the serious problems that are facing the world today.

Between 2014 and 2018, I wrote primarily articles and essays for Countercurrents, TMS Weekly Digest and Human Wrongs Watch. The editors of these important alternative news sites, Binu Mathiew, Antonio C.S. Rosa and Baher Kamal, whose heroic and dedicated work I very greatly admire, accepted my work, and so I wrote almost one article every week for them.

I also wrote longer essays for the two journals of the World Academy of Art and Science, Cadmus and Erudito.

Later, from 2019 until 2021, I wrote fewer articles and essays, and more books.

Where you may find my books

The extremely distinguished theoretical physicist, Professor Pervez Hoodbhoy, has this educational website.

I knew Professor Hoodbhoy a little because we had both attended many meetings of Pugwash Conferences, and through him I became aware of his splendid website dedicated to public education. I began to submit my books on serious global problems to this website and they can be downloaded free of charge and circulated from it here.

Many of my articles are also available from this website, and some of my scientific books and articles can be found there too.

Other books and articles about global problems are on these links:

My homepage

The Wall Street International

I hope that you will circulate the links in this article to friends and contacts who might be interested.

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