TFF’s Xinjiang Report analysis on China’s CCTV

TFF’s Xinjiang Report analysis on China’s CCTV

Or – it isn’t every day you address several hundred million people

May 11, 2021

The TFF report “The Xinjiang Genocide Determination As Agenda” has reached more people in more countries than virtually anything else we have produced the last few years. That is, outside the West, in Asia in general and in China in particular. All leading Chinese media have paid substantial attention to it in both their Chinese and English editions.

It is as if there was a need for a substantial – not political – scholarly examination of the empirical basis of the accusation, or “determination,” that Western governments have issued spearheaded, of course, by the Trump and Biden Administrations.

In the report we reveal that the documentation is very weak, the scholarly work biased and bordering on the anti-academic and that those who have brought the documentation are anything but independent. Instead, many of those who have provided the documentation are rather close to the MIMAC – the Military-Industrial-Media-Academic Complex – flavoured with doses of anti-Communism, Sinophobia, Muslim Brotherhood, Christian fundamentalism and pro-militarist/interventionist ideology.

That’s why include the word “Agenda” in the title – the determination has much more to do with building a Cold War/Wall against China than with genuine human rights concerns.

Here is a 5 minute report and interview with TFF’s director, Jan Oberg, who is also an author together with TFF’s Gordon Dumoulin and Thore Vestby. Click to see it in Chinese with English translation or on the image below.

If you do not know what CCTV is, get an impression here at its English edition and here on Wikipedia (of course edited not to be too favourable to China). It is accessible to more than one billion people in 6 languages.

Addendum May 14, 2021

Yesterday, China’s global English-language cable TV news service, CGTN, re-edited the above CCTV interview and posted it on its YouTube Channel.After only one day, the results are amazing: Seen by more than 19 000 and counting, caused 465 comments – overwhelmingly positive – and 1400 👍 and 29 👎. You may also look at the quality of the negative comment, many playing the role of trolls – which you will see when you go to YouTube directly.

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