TFF Associates’ blog 2011-2017 reborn

TFF Associates’ blog 2011-2017 reborn

Reflecting important global development, it is also a piece of the academic history of peace, conflict and future research

Jan Oberg

February 3, 2021

Here is a completely new edition of TFF Associates’ blog 2011-2017. In this blog, you’ll find almost everything posted over these 6 years by TFF Associates, our group of experts on international issues who are committed to the UN Charter’s norm, Article 1, that peace shall be established by peaceful means.

There are 1360 posts here. Together with the articles posted on the old 1997-2011 homepage, you’ll find an estimated 7000 accessible articles (yes, some links are broken).

During those 6 years, several very important international events took place and trends became clear. Just to mention some catchwords: Ukraine/New Cold War, Syria, the war on terror, Libya, North Korea, The Trump administration, China and the new Silk Roads, 2015 European refugee crisis, changing world order – and we continued to publish a lot within peace research, global governance, nonviolence and – in particular – articles presenting pro-peace perspectives and proposals.

We hope you’ll enjoy this rather unique archive of contemporary global affairs with more than a touch of peace. It’s research/analysis, outreach/media work, public education and policy-making in one.

We believe most of the articles stand the test of time. Please share links with friends, colleagues, students, media people etc.

We have not taken down anything or changed content anywhere. All posts appear here as they were written originally.

We also believe that what we have written, said and done over the years may be of interest to various aspects of intellectual history, the history of peace, conflict and future studies – and that an archive site such as this can be of use to students seeking quality materials as well as to activists and concerned citizens.

That’s also why we have kept everything freely accessible – where academic publishing houses often charge sums so high that small editions end up en dusty libraries.

The old Associates’ blog had become outdated in terms of technology, search engine optimization (SEO), navigability and internal search function. With this simple yet state-of-the-art WordPress blog, theme Nucleare (!), we’ve made it easier for anyone to find our Associates’ works from the outside and find exactly what you are looking for inside.

Finally, we’ve decided to also bring up-to-date TFF’s 1997-2011 homepage and the remaining parts of the 2011-2017 homepage. However, their technology is so outdated that the 5000+ posts, links, images etc. will have to be moved manually, one-by-one – so it will take years before they see daylight.

🔻 If you think this is a good idea and appreciate that all we do is freely accessible for anyone around the globe, please tell us here, thanks:

– the front page of that old blog

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