TFF – 35 years for the UN Charter’s norm that peace shall be established by peaceful means

TFF – 35 years for the UN Charter’s norm that peace shall be established by peaceful means

Jan Oberg
Co-founder and director

Lund, Sweden – September 12, 2020

TFF 35th Anniversary on September 12, 2020

And why are we there and still alive and kicking? Because TFF is like a gourmet restaurant and not like research institutes and think tanks that emulate fast-food chains.

TFF doesn’t count success in media attention, followers, fame, or funds. We chase quality results, productivity and constant innovation within our mission.

Finding our job the most meaningful on earth, we chase radical alternative thinking – and do research and public education on what we believe in – brain, heart and soul:

• Make peace by peaceful means!

• All kinds of violence must be reduced for humanity to survive!

• Sooner rather than later warfare must be abolished as a legitimate social institution!

• Learn to solve unavoidable conflicts with knowledge, intelligence, practical skills and empathy.

• A true global human and common security is possible and so is global governance in partnership and no exceptionalism.

• All the methods are available – at a fraction of the costs of today’s militarism.

But … the elite-based structure of MIMAC – the Military-Industrial-Media-Academic Complex – stands in the way for the more peaceful world future that the 98% desire.

The MIMAC is the cancer in the world body.

It’s metastasizing into poverty, income gaps, environmental destruction, terrorism, international law and human rights violations, Cold War and “fearology”, refugee movements and destruction of entire societies.

And it perverts the minds of the MIMAC elites themselves.

MIMAC militarism and nuclearism can kill us much faster than climate change. How about seeing that their roots are the acceptance of violence – against others and against the environment?

Working with something meaningful keeps you going. Plus the joy of the remarkable synergy among our 140 (over the years) Associates/friends – the world’s most experienced people in their fields.

Plus some discipline, hard work and, not the least, total independence of state and corporate funding: TFF is only people-financed. And it is all-volunteer, nobody earns a dime.

It’s one of the last places characterized by free research.

And, oh yes – we don’t waste 50% of our time on fund-raising. We are a network with no energy-consuming internal power struggles (because there is no money and no positions to fight about) and since the founders do the administration, your support goes straight to producing results.

In other words, a modern Gandhian outfit – over 35 years (not one day off) and still kicking ourselves and others – nonviolently, of course :-).

The founders – Christina Spannar and Jan Oberg – welcome you to appreciate that special – if not unique – idea that TFF is.

And we promise to be around in the future too:

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And thank you from our hearts
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