Protest the US economic warfare on the Syrian people

Protest the US economic warfare on the Syrian people

June 19, 2020

With its traditionally cruel approach to other human beings, the US has now imposed new sanctions on Syria – that is, for all practical purposes, on the Syrian people.

Haven’t they suffered enough in their double cage – that of the al-Assad leadership and, worse, that of the US and Western allies’ attempts at regime change since 2006?

My answer is: More than enough.

The US should be ashamed of itself for maintaining such a sadistic approach by means of almost 8000 sanctions on 30+ countries – most of them not leading to anything politically, only to the suffering of the people. Cuba since 1962, Syria and Iran since 1979, to mention a few.

I am happy to speak about this stupid policy on Iran’s equivalent to BBC, PressTV. The (self)censorhip today is such that no Western mainstream media would dare interview me with that critical attitude to the US.

Please note that PressTV is now on Urmedium because Google-owned YouTube has closed down its channel with the thousands of interview, news and documentaries.

The West is now so weak that it cannot accept or stand up to other views but its own – a sad but clear indicator of moral and democratic decay.

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