🧸 Hey, we’re looking for you to pre-order a new children-adult peace education book

🧸 Hey, we’re looking for you to pre-order a new children-adult peace education book

… and for artists to contribute to it

Ina Curic
TFF Associate

April 3, 2020

Have you often seen conflicts – big or small – escalate out of control? What do you do when it happens? Do you know how to intervene and de-escalate it again?

Do you want more peace in your everyday life? A more peaceful world? Of course, you do! So let’s create something that works with children and adults together.

Imagine Creatively is my homepage. It’s a storytelling-for-peace platform. I’m an academic with an MA in peace studies; I have taught courses and written several books before, and I have two children. I’m into both theory and practise. I know what works.

You can trust me! 🧸

It will be another bedtime story for children and a waking up story for parents and adults.

I imagine it creatively as a constructive follow-on to the world-renown “Butter Battle Book” of the much endeared Dr Seuss.

When you watch it here, you’ll understand the individual-global nexus and its potential for teaching children something important about the larger world we are all part of:

I am also launching an international appeal for illustrators and political cartoonists to contribute.

Each interested artist will be invited to contribute an illustration to this educational and humorous book which aims to educate children about constructive conflict-resolution necessary in the global arena. 

Finally, the book will be accompanied by an additional workbook with an ABC of how to handle emotions and conflicts constructively.

Co-creation and the crowdfunding campaign

Now to make this dream of a book come true and spread it around the world, I’ve started a crowdfunding campaign with a literary agency for PRE-ORDERING this book.

When you pre-order it, you become a sort of midwife supporting its birth into this world.

It’s a new kind of co-creation idea – an international participatory peace project – and I tell you more about it here in a small video and text, so you know what to do to become a midwife…

But hurry up – join and support
before April 15

I want this new book to be a story to

• challenge intellectually
• touch the heart
• offer creative and constructive ways out of conflict
• find solutions good for all
• and do it all without violence.

And I want you as a co-creating peace story-maker!

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3 Responses to "🧸 Hey, we’re looking for you to pre-order a new children-adult peace education book"

  1. RobertJ   April 6, 2020 at 12:42 pm

    To JO. Sorry, I am not good at translating. Also, this is a good list you have posted there, but sorry to say, it is one of SPEAKERS, a VERY different thing from a list of READERS. From personal experience I can tell you that many adults with English as a second language would certainly be able to read and understand a book like this, but would have a hard time translating it on the fly to their children.

  2. JO   April 6, 2020 at 12:17 pm

    Thank you, RobertJ – that is of course one way of looking at it. But we’ve got to start somewhere and English is the language most people in the world speak:
    So, the number of children one can reach with the English language is not exactly a very small part, as you write. Would you like to help Ina Curic with translations? If so, a very constructive contribution.

  3. Robert J.   April 6, 2020 at 9:58 am

    All well and good, but outside of the UK, the US and a couple of minor places, how many children are actually able to read English? Unless it becomes a multilingual project, it will be reserved to a very small part of the world’s children.


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