Gandhi’s killer evokes admiration as never before

Gandhi’s killer evokes admiration as never before

As Hindu nationalism continues its march across India, a cult of personality is rising around Nathuram Godse, the Hindu extremist who killed Gandhi.

Or, why is Gandhi now killed for a second time?

February 5, 2020

By Sameer Yasir
The New York Times

Indians consider Gandhi one of the fathers of their nation. But the rise of a Hindu nationalist government, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has uncorked many extremist beliefs, and admiration for Gandhi’s killer, among some, has become more open. It is a sign of how much India has changed in the five and a half years since Mr Modi took power.

“Gandhi was a traitor,” said Pooja Shakun Pandey, who blames Gandhi for partition and who participated in a recent ceremony worshipping Mr Godse on the anniversary of Gandhi’s assassination.

“He deserved to be shot in the head.”

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One Response to "Gandhi’s killer evokes admiration as never before"

  1. Alfred Vierling   February 5, 2020 at 8:28 pm

    The article by Sameer Yasir in the NYTimes subscribes to the general atlantic aglosaxon preference of islam over hindu belief system. Strangely enough Jan Oberg, whose brave stand against atlantic supremacy I admire, is walking strait into the trap. 1.Gandhi who first stubbornly opposed to the division of India , later has stuck to the division into a secular India and muslim Pakistan. He even urged 7 million Hindus escaping from what is now the muslim state Pakistan to return to it: that is to their hecatombes. ( at least 600.000 killed by muslims awaiting their coming back ! 2. He ordered to pay 550 million roepees to Pakistan with which thr Hinduswere at war and distributed the overwhelming part of the colonial British Wiedergutmachung money to the muslims at the detriment of the hindus. Gandhi collaborated with the Muslim-liga.3. Symbolically he banned the holy cow but allowed the cruel ritual slaughterin of cows by the muslims. 4.He went on hungerstrike but never in orderto curb down ever growing muslim demands, whose lack of ahimśa (absence of violence, live and let live) hedid not dare denouncing, although satya (love for truth) fails to these muslim reli-demands based on the monopoly claim on the truth. The man who went so often on hungerstrike …needed at the end a bullet to be killed. Godse did not ask for mercy but hoped that with his bullet there also wld cole an end to the so-called abstinence of violence by Gandhi with his eternal appeasement attitude towards muslims. 5.No wonder Gandhi became the icon of the Westeuropean multicultural society, which failed to pacify islam. 5. The big error in the article is the mirrowing of islamic fundamentalism and the muslim state of Pakistan. with hindu belief system which by its very nature of polytheïsm cannot be radical or fundamentally exclusive , respectively with the State of India, whose government has never claimed it to be an exclusively hindu state, because that doesnot make sense since hindu belief is in itself not exclusive! 6.India ( land of the Hindu–around the Indus river) is proclaimed to be secular (in the Indian sense of the word (against hindu as welk as muslim communalism) not the European one No state interfer Oberg is presumably blinded by the Nehru
    culturallywestern and anti-hindu elite). I advise to read the book about Gandhi and his deep-reiigious and intelligent murderer Nathurâm Godse by the acknowledged savant scientist of indology Dr. Koenraad Elst.


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