Why NATO doesn’t target Russia 🧸 – Nepal is the new enemy, stupid!

Why NATO doesn’t target Russia 🧸 – Nepal is the new enemy, stupid!

By Jan Oberg

About 37,000 soldiers from 18 countries are to participate in the U.S.-run manoeuver dubbed Defender Europe 2020 in May and June.

This is “the largest deployment of U.S. troops to Europe in more than 25 years,” NATO’s Secretary-General, Jens Stoltenberg tells us. I assume, proudly.

But wait …

What on Earth is NATO and its Secretary-General saying and doing? Do they live in the same world as the rest of us?

How low should the intellectual level sink before it becomes a security risk for the world?

And just how do they get away with deceiving the world with their militarised mantra about stability, security and peace – no matter it is always about more weapons and offensive military strength – virtually without any important (if they are) mainstream media reporting it, not to mention ask questions about it?

The last one is simple to answer:
1) Censorship;
2) Self-censorship;
3) Framing and
4) The Military-Industrial-MEDIA-Academic Complex (MIMAC) – that is, the very close relations between media, governments and the military, particularly in the United States and vis-a-vis the allies.


No free media there! Like other things, militarism happens. With the world’s military having 50 times – times! – higher budgets than the UN – and with millions of people killed for no good reason, what could there be to talk about?

NATO citizen taxpayers are being cheated, treated like cattle. They get no security or peace for their money – why else are we closer to war than ever since 1945, trillions of dollars wasted by that MIMAC cancer?

And with 20.000 pieces of heavy equipment being transported from the US to Europe, not to speak of what 37.000 soldiers with their weapons and transport vehicles do to the environment in a series of countries did anyone whisper… climate change?

Of course not, what could there indeed be to discuss these very days?

Here is the story on which this conversation is based, AFP in The Japan Times.

There is a little hiccup at the beginning of the video but that is where I say that if this is not targetting Russia 🧸 – perhaps there is a fantasy in NATO’s HQ that Nepal may soon become a global power and conquer all the lands up to NATO’s Eastern border.

So just wait for Stoltenberg to tell you that he has evidence that Nepal tries to acquire nukes and is an imminent danger to us all because, unlike NATO, it is expansive and aggressive.

Wait for the demonisation of the Nepalese “regime”, the status of its human rights and democracy and wait for a Trump tweet that his whatever is bigger than Nepal’s and he can blow up each and every historical site in that country about 350 times and even flatten its mountains too.

Actually, such a thought conveys as much reality as Mr Stoltenberg seems capable of presenting with a straight face…

Yes, Mr Stoltenberg, raise the intellectual level – that’s the only armament NATO needs.
And the enemy is? … Yourselves! More of this here
After this article was published, Google-owned YouTube deleted PressTV’s channel. That’s how the “free” Western media operate. There is no decency anymore in those circles. I have no copy so both PressTV and I are rather frustrated / Jan Oberg

If you find such a non-mainstream – broadstream – approach important…

Mr Stoltenberg addressing the US Congress in April 2019 and getting the US blessing
the full video here
Photo distortion by Jan Oberg

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