Nobel Peace Prize 2020 – Shortlist sent to the Committee

Nobel Peace Prize 2020 – Shortlist sent to the Committee

February 3, 2020

By Fredrik Heffermehl

The annual screening of candidates for the Nobel Peace Prize 2020 by the Nobel Peace Prize Watch (NPPW) has now been posted on its website and sent to the Nobel Committee.

We have found 30 of the known candidates qualified and eligible, within the purpose of Nobel’s will. NPPW offers advice and assistance to nominators and candidates and each year supplies the committee with a wide range of genuine candidates.

Believing in openness and transparency as indispensable to reaching good decisions and preventing corruption, here as everywhere else, we also publish the secret nominations.

In 2020, the NPPW recommends the Committee to recognize the indispensable role of international law, pointing in particular to Klaus Schlichtmann and Ikuro Anzai, both Japan. Their efforts to complete the original security structure of the UN by empowering the Security Council is at the epicentre of the “brotherhood of nations” mentioned in the testament of Alfred Nobel.
Strengthening international law is also behind the nominations of Ben Ferencz (the Nuremberg prosecutor in 1945, turning 100 years in March, would be the oldest laureate ever) and Bill Pace, both USA.
Also important are the whistleblowers who stood up against misuse of military force; Julian Assange, Australia; and Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, and Daniel Ellsberg, all USA.

The Nobel Peace Prize Watch, NPPW, publishes the only survey that meets academic standards, based as it is on concrete nominations found by an active worldwide search and scrutiny of qualifications based on the actual intention of Alfred Nobel’s will.


TFF is proud to be associated with the NPPW and Fredrik Heffermehl and the work done, since 2007, to bring back the Nobel Peace Prize to its original purpose and remaining a prestigious prize for peace people.
Most important, also, is to secure that the Prize is awarded in accordance with the original will of Alfred Nobel. Since this will is very short and few who talk about the Prize (and even make nominations) seem to have read it, we recommend that you do.
TFF is also proud that this year’s nominations include the following candidates which for decades have been TFF Associates, namely Richard Falk, Johan Galtung, David Krieger, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, Jan Oberg and David Swanson.

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The author Fredrik Heffermehl, Oslo – who together with Tomas Magnusson in Gothenburg leads the Nobel Peace Prize Watch.
Learn more about NPPW and about Heffermehl.

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