The China Mirage

The China Mirage

August 16, 2019

There is a permanent, more or less intensive, narrative that China is the Enemy # 1 of the West.

We have the permanent US/Western assertion that China is the new military super enemy. There is the argument that the world’s – if not history’s – largest co-operative project, the Chinese-initiated Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is, in reality only a new type of colonialism and exploitation – namely Chinese colonialism and/or imperialism.

There is the present US-China trade war (and negotiations), including the focus on Huawei, and we have – right now – the ongoing demonstrations – violent at that – in Hong Kong which is not without influence from the US and the UK.

What we do not have is comprehensive knowledge and balanced views.

When, for instance, did you last see something positive in the news about China’s achievements, culture or its amazing development during the last 40 years of the Opening Up policy introduced in December 1979 by Deng Xiaoping?

Perhaps it is time to discuss – at a deeper level and a in a longer time perspective – what these elements of Chinese-US relations build on. What underlying factors could be at play behind such ongoing and growing animosity towards China.

What could explain such an indeed strange – and estranged – general view of “the other” – the other which happens to be a civilization of its own and the world’s largest and fastest developing country?

James Bradley’s research which documents series of mind-boggling facts – which he tells you about in the 30 minutes video below – goes a long way in terms of providing a rather fundamental answer: The China Mirage

More about James Bradley here.

4 Responses to "The China Mirage"

  1. JM Morgan   September 12, 2019 at 1:04 am

    Terrific, thanks for sharing it!

  2. Bente Petersen   August 16, 2019 at 2:17 pm

    This one is a MUST… it is exactly what I experienced working from 2000-2012 in Asia, off and on in Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia and in Viet Nam – you speak to an American about Asia – about Viet Nam – about Taiwan … they just don’t get it… they go blank… they do not understand… DO, please, DO listen to this video…. … I don’t blame the Americans… or the Europeans… I had to go to all these places in Africa and in Asia to see for myself, to listen to people, really listen… … and now I read about their history that go like 20.000 years back… fascinating … it is as strange in a way… as it would be to go to other planets… you think you know… and discover you know nothing… all you ever read or heard were ”fairy tales” and now, at 78, after working in 35 countries, all I know is I KNOW SO LITTLE 🙂 … LIFE IS SO DIVERSE… BUT THAT SAID ALL US PEOPLE ON EARTH HAVE MORE IN COMMON THAN SETS US APART… and what we have to do is grow up and live in peace…

  3. Alfred vierling   August 16, 2019 at 7:13 am

    I have been fascinated by China long ago. I have learnt to read their language, I hsve studied chinese philosophy. . In the eighties i have been travelling while teaching environnenta issues in China. But but. 1. I am abhorred by their cruelty towards animals which did not dissappear but aggraveted along with the economical mirage. 2. That is what you are gonibg to hate hearing me saying: I admire ans see as an example to be followed is the realistic way how they curb down mohamnedan djihad imperialist conquest, especially the obligatory free of cost internal courses to prepare them for modernity, set up by Chen Quanguo cp chairmain in Xin Jiang. That is the way to do it, otherwise you ll end up like Sweden offering your wives and future to mohamnedan ( rape ) terror and people’s replacement strategy. Oeps. i have said it again.. to deaf man’ ears in Lund.

    • JO   August 16, 2019 at 9:15 am

      Alfred Vierling – let me make it very clear: If you continue here on The Transnational to turn every issue and post into an opportunity to express your racist views about Muslims – above “mohamnedan (rape) terror” – this will have been your last here.
      The Transnational that stands for peace by peaceful means and decent conversation since 1985 is not going to serve as a notice board for such statements (unrelated also to the post’s content) – yours or anybody else’s with similar content.
      Also, if are such an educated man, perhaps you could check spelling and grammar before pressing “Publish” – Jan Oberg, editor.


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