Media creating a climate for war with Iran

Media creating a climate for war with Iran

By Gregory Shupak

Media outlets are creating a climate for a US military attack on Iran
by hyping the idea that Iran is an imminent threat to peace, by failing
to offer evidence that calls the US’s accusations against Iran into
question, by amplifying warmongers’ voices and by naturalizing America’s
supposed right to spy on every country on earth.

Headlines are breathlessly suggesting to readers that Iranians are going to kill Americans if Americans don’t kill Iranians first.

Originally published by FAIR on July 2, 2019 here

A Hill article (6/7/19) told readers “Why Congress Needs Accurate Intelligence on the Iran Threat”; Fox (6/14/19) explained “The Trump Administration’s Strategy to Meet Threat from Iran.” A New York Times article (6/17/19)
by David E. Sanger called Iran one of the “nuclear crises” facing the
US, even though the International Atomic Energy Agency has said that
Iran does not have a nuclear weapons program and hasn’t been close to having one since at least 2003, and there is reason to believe that it never has been close.

Presenting Iran as a threat, nuclear or otherwise, over and over
again carries the clear message that it must be confronted. Yet it’s
much more accurate to say that the US is a threat to Iran than the
opposite (, 6/6/19);
after all, it’s the US government that is destroying Iran’s economy
through sanctions that limit Iranians’ access to food and medicine,
while surrounding Iran with military bases and land, sea and air forces.
Iran has done nothing remotely comparable to the US.

NYT: Trump Careens Toward a Confrontation With Iran

As with the phrase “stumbling into war,” “careens” is a word that limits US agency (New York Times, 6/17/19).

Media outlets also create a climate for war when they fail to offer evidence that contradicts US government narratives about Iran.

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  1. Niels Peter B. Nielsen   July 3, 2019 at 11:56 am

    It was interesting to hear Tulsi Gabbard being the only one speaking, in the first debate of the democratic candidates, about stopping war with Iran. This congresswoman – and veteran – has more courage to speak the hurting truths than any other candidates. According to Google statistics Tulsi was – after the debate – the most searched of them all in more than 50 states. A surely winner for the people – although being tried to appear as a loser by the biased media.


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