Law Not War: Listen very carefully to Ben Ferencz

Law Not War: Listen very carefully to Ben Ferencz


By Jan Oberg

August 13, 2018

This is literally a unique experience of extraordinary educational value: Listen to 98-year old Ben Ferencz sharing his crystal clear perception of the human stupidity of war – all wars – and how he sees the situation of humanity. He remains a realist, he says, with more optimism than pessimism.

Listen to him telling about his truly amazing, unique life as a lawyer devoted to the common good of humanity and to securing justice but also human care for victims as well as perpetrators. He is the last surviving Nuremberg Tribunal prosecutor and has thought more than probably anyone about the psychology and politics of evil.

Ferencz is a staunch believer in abolishing wars as such and, of course, in nuclear weapons abolition. He challenges the entire Military-Industrial-Media-Academic Complex, MIMAC, and argues that there is only one winner in wars: Death.

If you are a teacher, get your students to see this one-hour conversation densely packed with truths about the human predicament.

If you are a media person, see it to bring more critical reports about ongoing wars – instead of basically promote and support them.

If you are a politician believing in war as a legitimate tool, try to listen deeply and find your own humanity. And then speak up against the madness of war – all wars.

If you are simply a human being, be grateful that there is such a person alive who so brilliantly and passionately conveys what it means to be human – in these dark times where so much attention is given to fundamentally unimportant issues, empty entertainment, lies, fake and omission.

This is genuine.

And whoever you are, when you have seen this – go to and learn more about his work, personal history and what he is still struggling intensely to achieve. And then go to “contact” and send him a message with whatever you feel right to say…



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