“There is only a political solution – that’s why we use weapons again and again”

“There is only a political solution – that’s why we use weapons again and again”


By Jan Oberg

April 25, 2018

A short comment to a very good statement by Madam Mogherini about Syria. She is right – and one must wonder why virtually every big power anyhow does not invest in political, negotiated solutions but in weapons. And why the world is so woefully unbalanced in terms of war-making versus peace-making.

The simple truth is that every and each conflict on earth gets more difficult to solve from the moment some type of violence is introduced into it. That is why the world should focus on reducing  military development, production and sales. If Syria had been cordoned off and no weapons had entered its space, it would have been much much easier to solve the underlying conflicts – which, by the way, have little to do with Darrah in spring 2011 but much more complex things.

I find it relevant to here also mention how pervasively all Security Council member states violate the UN Charter provisions, virtually every day and that it is pathetic to witness their paying respect to Dag Hammarskjöld during their visit to Sweden. Hammarskjöld is undoubtedly the greatest Secretary-General – and visionary moral man – the UN has ever had.

The present members and S-G leave him in a class way higher than their own.


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