TFF PressInfo # 446: Syria isn’t that simple

TFF PressInfo # 446: Syria isn’t that simple



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Lund, Sweden – March 2, 2018

The terrible fighting about Ghouta and the humanitarian emergency caused by it have caught everybody’s attention recently.

And since it is, de facto, a very complex issue it is no wonder that most choose to believe the simplified, medialised narrative about Syria since 2011.

However, the narrative about something and the reality about it can be very different. Just ask people who witnessed the same car accident in a crossing what they think happened.

Since TFF has a professional focus on underlying conflicts and not on the violence that is nothing but symptoms of these conflicts, we believe in more complex analysis and – of course – in providing perspectives that can lead to restoring peace.

True liberals and democrats appreciate diversity where many opinions meet and are debated. It helps keep democracies alert and vibrant where weak, authoritarian societies practize censorship and worse.


But admittedly we publish neither for the lazy nor for the sake of any political correctness.

Here is a selection from The Transnational:


Marcus Papadopoulos
What Ghouta is really about (video)

Jonathan Power
Trump to wage war in Syria

Ben Norton
US ambassador confirms billions spent on regime change in Syria, debunking ‘Obama did nothing’ myth

Paul Rogers
Syria’s wars: A new dynamic

Uri Friedman
Syria’s war has never been more international

Jan Oberg (5)

• If you want peace, don’t focus on the violence and the evil guy

• Just how gray are the White Helmets?

• Academic and cultural people tell “the world” to drop law and destroy Syria’s government

• Establish an international tribunal or Commission on the international war in Syria

• The US Syria “Strategy” – Recipe for continued disaster even for the US

Stephen Kinzer
The media are misleading the public on Syria

Media and policy narratives are constructed for a purpose. State- and corporate-financed research for another.

But truly free and independent research is more conducive to peace.

“Girl in Jibrin, Aleppo,” Dec 14, 2016 – Liberation of Aleppo.
Photo stories from Aleppo, now seen by over 140.000 but not in one mainstream media.
All rights reserved © Jan Oberg


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