Storybooks that bring peace education at the family level

Storybooks that bring peace education at the family level


By Ina Curic

February 6, 2018


Dear story lover!

I’m a peace-building practitioner and I have just launched a storytelling-for-peace platform.  I translate integral peace education themes into stories for both children and parents to practice together – for harmonious relationships within the web of life.

With two forthcoming books that bring peace education issues at family level, I need support to raise the profile of my work.

Two of the forthcoming, illustrated storybooks are available for free to a group of advance readers who can assist with the launches on in May and June 2018.

Now, please click on these links to download the new e-books for free:

Queen Rain, King Wind – The Practice of Heart Gardening

Anagrania’s Challenge – Turning Conflict into Opportunity (Whole Nutrition Series)

Enjoy the stories and stay tuned to hear about the upcoming launches where any small contribution will be very much appreciated.

Spreading an educational message takes community and publicity.

Thank you for joining to help raise the profile of integral peace education through storybooks!


And, by the way, have a look at an earlier book of mine and the fine reviews it got on Amazon.

And, finally, here’s my website:

Imagine Creatively: True Stories for Inspired Life



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