Anette Carlsson CV

Anette Carlsson
Swedish, born 1945

Anette Carlsson joined TFF’s board in 1992 and became Associate in 1995. She re-joined the board from January 2004 to August 2006. And again in 2011.

High school degree 1964, Vänersborgs Högre Allmänna Läroverk
Journalist degree 1969, University of Gothenburg
Bachelor of Arts 1970, Faculty of Social Science, University of Gothenburg
Licentiate degree 2011, School of Education and Comminication, University of Jönköping

1969-1977 Swedish Television Co, Gothenburg, journalist in current affairs, producer
1977-79 Swedish Radio Co, Luleå, editor-in-chief
1979-1986 Swedish Television Co, Luleå, journalist in current affairs, producer, anchor person
1986-1990 Swedish Television Co, Luleå, regional manager
1990-2000 Swedish Television Co, Gothenburg, journalist in current affairs, producer, project manager
University of Gothenburg, Digital Media, producer, anchor person, teacher

Sex År Kvar av barnets århundrade
(Children’s Century – Six More Years To Go)
By Ingrid Segerstedt Wiberg, Anette Carlsson and Ingemar Strandberg,
Carlssons Förlag 1994

I Tid och Otid
Journalistik under sju decennier

Del 1 och 2
Ingrid Segerstedt Wibergs journalistik 1933-97
(Ingrid Segerstedt Wiberg. Seven Decades of Journalism)
Carlssons Förlag 1996 och 1997

Swedish Radio And Television – How National Is It?
Forces behind centralisation and decentralisation in Swedish broadcasting companies 1970-2000
Licentiate thesis, University of Jönköping, 2010

Anette Carlsson
Margretelundsgatan 8
412 67 Göteborg – Gothenburg, Sweden
Phone +46 31406074 and +46736004921

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