Recent testimonials – and why people support TFF


A selection of testimonials, of appreciation of what TFF does.

Almost all the people below are citizens around the world, they are not celebrities in any way or people in powerful positions.

TFF exists to do public education based on solid research and experience; these statements prove that the foundation does have that effect.




This new website is FABULOUS!! Congratulations.  It makes it easy for my students to access as well.
Susan Woodward, The US.



Tak for den stærke, præcise og poetiske tekst. Ja du giver udtryk for, hvad vi føler og tænker. Dette “vi” skulle kunne vokse ved disse ord og refleksioner. Tankegangen er så indlysende, at man ikke fatter, at virkeligheden i den grad modsiger dem. For hvem har ret til at sende andre i døden? Nej, der er noget helt galt. Godt du i mange fald gør opmærksom på ulykken og ulykkeligheden og håbet om fredens muligheder. Sådan må du fortsætte.
Kirsten F Harrits


I follow you closely (for, now, decades!), and I’ve found this reporting from Aleppo very informative and helpful.
Susan Woodward, The US


Tak for alt Jeres seriøse arbejde og for din vilje til at se konflikter fra begge sider. Herunder din indgående behandling af nærværende emne.
Håber, du finder lydhørhed for det på højest mulige plan i vort og andre ikke mindst vestlige lande. Dine indlæg er altid er til besindelse og eftertanke…
Svend Aage Nielsen, Danmark


Many thanks to Jonathan Power for “speaking truth to power.” His concept of Russia as a culture superior to the U.S.A. is in startling contrast to prevalent Western concepts of Russia.
Fred Brailey, The US


As always, I marvel at the extent and variety of your enterprise.
Al Burke, Stockholm


Vilken fænomenal berettelse om Aleppo og dine erfaringer med pressen. Tak!
Carl-Ulrik Schierup

Let me congratulate you on your excellent discussion on Press TV. I will try to keep a better watch on your blog to keep up-to-date with your interviews and articles. Your comments on the illegitimacy of nuclear weapons were great. The International Court of Justice case to which you referred gave its opinion on July 8, 1996.
Alyn Ware


Dear TFF, I can hardly tell you what a relief your reports are. The lies about Syria (and Iraq) have reached such a level that is it scarcely believeable!
Michael Schiffmann, Germany
TFF gør er fremragende arbejde, der både er analytisk konsistent og begavet, modigt og menneskeligt forbilledligt. Jeg følger krigene, både i Syrien, i medierne og fra alle interessenterne. Jeg er rystet over, at der tilsyneladende ikke er nogen i medieverdenen, der kan siges at udgøre en selvstændig magtfaktor eller have analytiske evner.
Michelle Naur, Danmark


Thank you so much for your admirable and masterpiece illustrated reports from war-worn city Aleppo. What we observed during this time was tears, crying, destroying for stupidity and greedy of human beings  and finally smiles for cease-fire and truce.
Mostafa, Iran


Tragic. Evocative. Profound. Your words. Your photos. Thank you. It reminded me of my time in Iraq in 1991. Senseless. Humanity. I sometimes despair. In appreciation of your truthtelling/showing (about Syria and Aleppo).
Robert J Burrowes. The US


Please continue your reporting from Syria. It matters to many people to know the truth.
Judy Healey, Minnesota



I think that your clear cut answers on TV RTS yesterday have attracted a lot of public attention and positive reactions in Serbia. Congratulations.
Zivadin Jovanovic, Belgrade


Thank you for this clear, cogent, concise and compelling path through the morass. TFF’s statement should be widely circulated among diplomats, UN officials and Op-Ed pages of leading world newspapers.
Patricia Mische


For years you have kept me in your mailing list and I never wrote to thank you! Well, I am taking this opportunity to do so.
I would also like to thank you for your courageous work on the Nobel Peace Prize procedures.
Celina, Costa Rica


Congratulations to your 30 years of hard work! I’m sure it has not been easy to stay on the road for 30 years, but thank you for keep working and giving this chance to people like me to learn more! It is also important to not be disappointed and keep going. This is another thing we young activists learn from you.
Elaheh, Tehran


I do not always agree – mostly on methods, sometimes on the premises of the analysis. But quite often I find new info, from differing points of view and in my view that is valuable per se. That brings diversity in thinking which is one of the keys to go beyond mainstream views. I  highly appreciate your soft but deep criticism of the Nobel Peace Prize…
C. Barbey
Congratulations on your work.  This PressInfo notice about the Nobel Peace Prize is interesting and enlightening.  I am always learning from your comments and research. Thank you so much for your inspiring work.
Joyce Glynn


”Rosor” delas ut till många människor som skrivit något bra. Fredsforskaren Jan Öberg förklarar bland annat varför han kallar MIMAK – det militär-industriella- medie-akademiska komplexet – för en ”cancer”.
Radio Tuff, Tyresö Ulands- och Fredsförening


I would like to congratulate again for the position you take on Iran, the birthplace of amazing cultural riches
Non-violence is the only way forward. I fail to understand why our world has gone so astray.
L van de Fliert


Even by your highest standards, this stands alone. A scream of sanity. I feel like crying. Instead of which I have forwarded to publications far and wide. Thank you for your wonderful material.
Felicity A.


Thank you for setting forth so clearly some of these principles of peaceful responses to violent conditions.
Poka Laenui, Hawaii


I was really impressed by the critical analysis and the evidence based conclusions/predictions, presented on world events. And I am really impressed by your foundation’s endeavour to promote international peace. I am a British citizen, originally from India.
R. Srivastava, the U.K.


All your contributions are worth reading and, indeed thought provoking. This one is a masterpiece. Still, these suggestions will hardly take off in a short period of time…
Ismail D


I am shrilled to find out about you, your foundation and website…. I worked 45 years with humanitarian work in Africa and Asia and just returned 2 years ago and was shocked to find Denmark’s lack of independent foreign policy…
Bente P., Denmark


I am in South Africa and I have just been watching RT television channel where you were interviewed by a lady. I thought I would write to you because I was so absorbed about the way you think about conflicts and how they should be dealt with. I am not an intellectual or academic person however I found your views regarding the importance put on war to deal with conflicts interesting , and also interesting that no much attention is given to the issue on how to resolve issues peacefully.
Brian B, South Africa


Greetings from America. Thank you for your wonderful newsletter and work.
I look forward to your insights with every writing you share. Sometimes I wish I didn’t have to see such disturbing news.
Steven J, the U.S.


I only found out about your organisation just yesterday during an interview on RT. I was taken aback by the clarity and honesty of your organisation’s goals and how it contrasts to what is around us today.
Niall T.D., England


In my newest Anti-Empire Report, out tomorrow, I’ve quoted some of your comments about Obama’s speech. Thanks for writing them.
Bill Blum, the U.S.


I just read TFF’s great analysis of Obama’s speech, and I’d like to subscribe to your newsletter.
Sean Kerns


Alltid flott å få TFF’s sunne reaksjoner!
John Y. Jones, Norway


Right on target in analysis and recommendations. We need more transnational debates on recommended alternatives to policy, but realistic debates, perhaps with the progressive wing of diplomats and legislators on your side of ocean.
Marc Gopin, the U.S.


I am quite impressed by your article on Sweden. I am a retired diplomat, who had been posted to 12 different countries but have never been to Sweden. I had never  expected Sweden would try to join NATO. It is disgusting.
Alfredo R, Brazil



What a brilliant and important article you have written on the 15th anniversary of NATO bombing Yugoslavia.
I learned a great deal and what happened and also a great deal about you and your
Mark, USA


Just a really quick note to say thank your for doing the work that you do. Receiving your updates on facebook and especially the press releases via email I find very insightful and useful as a new angel is always provided by the press releases that also takes history into account. I just wanted to express my appreciation.
Lisa Seidel, New Zealand, peace and conflict research student


I strongly appreciate what you are doing.
Luc Reychler, Belgium


As usual, extremely good insights and perspective. which is why I take the time to read your things..
Mark Bruzonsky, The U.S.


Dear Jan Oberg and TFF
Thank you very much for this important essay/Press Info, which is so important in its historical memory, something greatly lacking here in the USA, certainly in the mainstream media.
Anna G., The U.S.


Kære Jan,
Hvor var det godt, at du var med og sagde de ting, der skal siges! Din stemme var altafgørende.
Selvfølgelig har Rusland legitime interesser. Putin er en statsmand, som fortjener respekt. Dæmonisering af Putin er infam – koblet sammen med alt, hvad USA har tilladt sig af virkeligt barbari siden kommunismens fald.
Monica P., Denmark


Thanks for sending us this piece of news – and your reflexions of course!
Det känns verkligen mycket bra, att få ta del av en djupt kunnig, erfaren och professionellt reflekterad persons synpunkter på en viss konflikt, Ukraina i det här fallet, som har både historiska, globala och politiska aspekter. Det var vänligt av Dig att delge oss Ditt material.
Inom Fredsrörelsens ram får vi många lärdomar och vi kopplar samman Din artikel med Jörgen Johansens föreläsning nyligen, om Georgien. Därmed framträder en än tydligare bild beträffande kalla krigets eviga krypeld i en mångfacetterad undervegetation. Vi stöder helt Din uppmaning till journalister att öka både sin självkritik och medvetenheten om, inom vilken paradigm och norm, som de sprider sin massmediala rapportering.
Bo Edvinson. Sweden


I’m very very happy for your message; it shows that you put peace in the first place and your organisation is important in this world for his contribution of peace building. I think that you have understood how the political situation really is in Burundi!
Dieudonne N, Burundi


Would like to re-iterate what a pleasure it was to have you as a panellist at the Syrian presentation last night. I truly enjoyed your charisma, your articulation, and your perspective. The points you mentioned, I believe, reflected the reason why most of us students studying Global Political Studies related programs have chosen to entre the field. We want non-violent solutions to become the norm for solving issues, and no longer just an option (if we can even call it that right now).
Shata C, Canada


My sincerest congratulations on your nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize.  It is a well-deserved and long overdue recognition of a lifetime of dedication and accomplishment.  I wish you all the very best.
As ever,
Ted, Harvard University


Dear Jan and the whole TFF!
What a good piece of news to read that TFF and you as well has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize 2013! The best choice of all!
With kind regards!
Riitta, Finland