Chaiwat Satha-Anand CV

Born in Bangkok 1955, Thai, holds a PhD in political science from University of Hawaii at Manoa, professor of political science at Thammasat University, Bangkok and director of the Thai Peace Information Centre which conducts studies and activism in relation to the Thai military and social issues. Satha-Anand is an expert on non-violence, theory as […]

Yusra Moshtat CV

Yusra Moshtat Born 1968 in Baghdad. She graduated from The Baghdad School of Economics and fled from Iraq after the Gulf War and is now living in Sweden. She works as an environment officer for the City of Gothenburg. She is a member of the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, and advises on issues concerning […]

Gunnar Westberg CV

Nils Gunnar Westberg Born June 29, 1938 in Sundsvall, Sweden After having served as TFF Associate since 2002, Gunnar Westberg joined the Board of the foundation in October 2008.

Anette Carlsson CV

Anette Carlsson Swedish, born 1945 Anette Carlsson joined TFF’s board in 1992 and became Associate in 1995. She re-joined the board from January 2004 to August 2006. And again in 2011. Education High school degree 1964, Vänersborgs Högre Allmänna Läroverk Journalist degree 1969, University of Gothenburg Bachelor of Arts 1970, Faculty of Social Science, University […]

Jens-Jørgen Nielsen CV

Jens-Jørgen Nielsen became TFF Associate in May 2014 Basic facts Nationality: Danish Married status: Married with 2 children to Yelena since 1992 (She is Russian, born in Estonia). Current employment: Assistant professor with Niels Brock Department for Business Studies. Besides I run my own small business as consultant in the field of managing culture […]

TFF PressInfo # 437 – Johan Galtung is awarded peace prize in Nobel’s spirit

TFF PressInfo # 437 – Johan Galtung is awarded peace prize in Nobel’s spirit

By Jan Oberg • On Saturday, December 2 2017, Johan Galtung is awared the alternative peace prize, The People’s Peace Prize In Accordance With Nobel’s Will. Who is Johan Galtung Born in Norway 87 years ago. The most innovative and productive figure in international peace and conflict research. Has taught at 50 universities around the […]

Nordic dailies and other sources

Dailies, magazines, online sites carrying news, analyses, and debates – all in Nordic languages. Arbejderen Danwatch – undersøgende journalistik Bevara alliansfriheten En Udenrigsanalyse Globalnyt Klassekampen Le Monde Diplomatique Norge Nya Kultur-Sören Ny Tid Ryska Posten Ræson Pål Steigan Global Politics by Anders Romelsjö 8 Dagar


  Recommended links with global scope which, to a certain extent, reflect the areas and themes The Transnational works with. Further, in some of the collections there is a deliberate emphasis on media outside those of NATO and the EU countries. They are divided into four sections: 1. Global daily news. 2. Analyses, debate, policy […]

What makes Google’s Eric Schmidt so afraid? And what should he be afraid of?

What makes Google’s Eric Schmidt so afraid? And what should he be afraid of?

By Jan Oberg • OK, it’s from Russia Today so you should of course not trust it but somehow this video and text and the man in it seems quite factual, not fake and obviously not omitted. It documents that Eric Emerson Schmidt, the Executive Chairman of Alphabet – an American multinational conglomerate that owns […]

The Prince of human rights

The Prince of human rights

  By Jan Oberg • General Ratko Mladic has finally been sentenced – to life – for crimes committed in Bosnia during the Yugoslav dissolution wars in the 1990s. That motivated Prince Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, to make a statement to the effect that “Mladic is the epitome […]