Themes & programs


As of 2018 TFF’s themes and programs are:

1. The Middle East – Conflicts, changes and future peace options.

2. Refugees in Europe and integration into Sweden – Why and how?

3. Terrorism and the global war on terror – Wrong diagnosis, prognosis and treatment.

4. Iran – With three sub-projects: a) Countering the West’s negative view. b) Help develop academic peace research at Tehran’s University. c) A photo book.

5. Criminalizing war, nuclear abolition and alternative civil and military defence.

6. The New Cold War: From 1989 till today’s new Cold War with Ukraine as one focus.

7. The decline of the US Empire and NATO – The emerging new world order including the Silk Road and Belt.

8. Denmark and Sweden – foreign policy and security policy trends.

9. Burundi’s civil war.

10. Net censorship and related reductions of Western democracy and rights.

These themes are dealt with – directly or indirectly – through theories and concepts such as theories of peace and making peace by peaceful means; nonviolence in various cultures; theories of imperialism, world order and globalisation; the paradigm of empirical analysis, criticism and constructivism; and in most cases through a critique of the images of global events and conflicts carried by Western-dominated mainstream media.


TFF has conducted many research and policy-oriented projects since it was established in 1986. A selected few without chronology:

• East-West-Nordic teams on “Economy, Ecology and Ethics.”

• Common Security and Nordic Security in the 1990s.

• The Nordic region as a nuclear-weapons free zone and as a zone of peace.

• A series of projects in Burundi related to reconciliation, public outreach at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, building of youth organisations.

• UN reforms and restructuring.

• Mao and Gandhi – a comparative study of social defence philosophy.

• Alternative military and civilian defence.

• Comprehensive study of the concept of ‘nuclear winter’.

• Alternatives to world disorder – and global ethics.

• The European Union – Conflict and Peace.

• Conflict consortium and reconciliations centers – what, why and how?

• Yugoslavia – What should have been done? (1991-2014)

• Georgia – South Ossetia, Abkhazia and peace-making (fact-finding 1994).

• Iraq – Intervention as predictable fiasco (2004).

Between 1986 and 2003, TFF published 65 printed books and reports. Since 2004, all publications have been digital.