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Of course, Nordstream was blown up by the US and NATO allies: A US economic war on submissive allies.

Cover of Seymour Hersh’s article on Substack

Jan Oberg

February 12, 2023

The Chinese news agency, Xinhua, asked me to comment – in text and video form – on Seymour Hersh’s analysis of how the Nordstream pipelines were destroyed. You’ll find this analysis on Substack, which means that no American mainstream media has been willing to publish it. After five days, this bombshell report goes virtually unmentioned in the Western mainstream press. Imagine if he had documented that Russia did it…

Pulitzer Prize awarded Hersh has a series of now classical investigations behind him. He is seen by many as the finest living investigative reporter. Read about this man who every decent media should be proud of publishing.

Seymour Hersh’s fine analysis tells how the destruction was planned and done, but the conclusion is unsurprising if you apply an interest analysis: The US, with very important Norwegian assistance, committed the crime against a friendly, allied country, Germany and other Europe.

Chancellor Scholz knew it since his famous press conference with Biden, who said the US would blow it up. But he won’t criticise the US.

Together with ill-considered, never-ending economic sanctions, the blow-up of Nordstream has already caused enormous, accumulating harm to European citizens’ economies.

The intellectual fallacy is that since Russia’s invasion was wrong, then NATO-EU countries’ policies before it and their reaction to it are automatically right and just.

The entire handling of Russia’s invasion – including the Nordstream destruction – is an example of why, as I have maintained for years, the present situation is extremely dangerous: We live in times fundamentally characterised by intellectual and ethical disarmament coupled with immense military armament, with militarism as the only one answer no matter the problem: Use weapons, threats, secret operations and media manipulation; never talk, mediate, engage the UN or OSCE, abandon diplomacy and play tough.

Militarism has become the religion that keeps the declining West together, NATO its church. That’s why – also – the Western mainstream media won’t give Hersh’s sensational analysis the attention it deserves. This confirms my other argument that fake news is rampant, but omission is much more critical when you want/need to deceive your citizens.

Seymour Hersh

One must wonder when the Europeans will wake up and finally understand that they no longer share interests with the US but are objects of a military, economic and political war – as if Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, etc. – were not already enough to maintain and expand the US’ MIMAC – Military-Industrial-Media-Academic Complex – paradoxically, the single biggest reason that Western leadership is rapidly declining.

On the bottom of the sea outside the Danish Bornholm island, the US has now destroyed and buried yet another bit of its decency and global leadership.

The comment has had a good distribution throughout Xinhua and, thus, in other media in China (Chinese and English News):

The Xinhua article with my comment, shortened, in Chinese.

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Roughly the same but with my video and under GlobaLink

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