Jan Oberg 2016: “Ukraine as the border of NATO Expansion”

Jan Oberg 2016: “Ukraine as the border of NATO Expansion”

Jan Oberg

November 3, 2022

Everything Ukraine has been predicted. Warnings about trying to get Ukraine into NATO tumbled down, not the least by leading US experts on Russia. They also said that Russia was not – could not be – a threat unless made into one.

In all modesty, I said it too 6 years back.

No one listened. The believers in the religion of militarism and the NATO Church did not have the ability to reason. Those who did not agree with NATO’s expansion were perceived as dangerous nonbelievers or heretics. As outsiders and dissidents who dangerously undermined “our” security and were the apologetics of Putin…

Today the attempts to get Ukraine into NATO – while NATO has been 30 years in Ukraine and nobody respected the polls that told what the Ukrainian people wanted – has turned out to be the most enormous and most stubborn blunder the so-called peaceful alliance has ever made.

I have dealt recently with these issues in the Abolish NATO Catalogue which contains 30 well-researched reasons why NATO should be closed down.

The terrible situation we are all in now is completely unnecessary. With a little statesmanship, it would have been avoided. With a little creativity, there would have been a much much better future for Ukraine.

Hubris and psycho-political projections made the moves down to catastrophe unstoppable.

Who will pay the price? First of all, the millions of innocent Ukrainians. Then the EU countries and the US itself.

Because – remember – 85% of the world’s people live in countries that do not support the NATO policy against Russia and Ukraine’s NATO membership by force. Neither do they support the West’s knee-jerk reaction to the – illegal, unethical – Russian invasion, and the de factor cancelling of Russia (which won’t succeed). And many of them will be victimised by that kakistocratic policy for years – nay, decades – to come.

Here is my 2016 analysis with the predictions and warnings.

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