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Jan Oberg on RT about Finland, Sweden and NATO

May 16, 2022

Sunday the 15th, 2022, I was asked to comment from a peace research point of view on Finland and Sweden’s moves to become full members of NATO.

I gladly do so since it is a long time since I commented on anything on RT. For those who think that it is surprising or even wrong to speak with Russian media, my media policy can be found here.

The denial of access by the EU and others to RT is an indisputable violation of human rights – but most people do not know it. I’m talking about the UN’s International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights Article 19 from 1966.

If you want to get around that violation of your rights, download and pay for a proxy server such as PrivateVPN, set it to e.g. Finland and you will be able to access RT.

Then you may also read my front page article on RT – “Finns and Swedes won’t benefit from NATO. Helsinki and Stockholm are looking to join a “failed organization,” renowned peace researcher Jan Oberg warns”

And should you think that one cannot talk with media in a country that is conducting warfare, I would hardly ever have been able to comment or publish myself on US-based media.

And, while thousands of Western media – including Swedish and Finnish media do receive TFF PressInfo, not one has shown any interest in my critical analyses of these issues. So much for the freedom of the press in today’s Sweden and Finland.

Now watch these 10 mins on
‘Peace is not the goal of these people’
– Jan Oberg on NATO expansion”

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