⏰ Seminar on “China, the Belt and Road Initiative and the West’s Cold War”

⏰  Seminar on “China, the Belt and Road Initiative and the West’s Cold War”

The six DNS/TFF Peace & Justice seminars during 2021

Jan Oberg has been invited by the Denmark-based Necessary Teacher Training College (DNS) to introduce six topics that are then discussed at a one-hour Zoom session with people at the College. Fortunately, it is also open to anyone anywhere in the world.

See what this seminar is all about on this link where you must also register to participate in the global discussion on Zoom.

The idea is that you watch the lecture below first and then participate in the discussion about it. The next one is on July 8 at 16:00 CET for which you register on the above link. If you read this after that date, look for the next event on the this page.

Under each video lecture below, find the discussion that took place with over 100 on Zoom and over 300 on Facebook Live.

When it comes to the China, you can always browse and look around at The Transnational – the section called China and Silk for much more knowledge and inspiration.

Seminar # 4 – “China, the Belt & Road Initiative and the West”
July 8, 2021 at 16:00 CET

Seminar # 3 – “The Military-Industrial-Media-Academic Complex” – June 9, 2021

The discussion that followed

Seminar # 2 – “How Militarism Fuels Climate Change”

The discussion- Seminar # 2

Seminar # 1 – “The World After The Corona”

The discussion on Facebook Live – Seminar # 1

Nadezda from DNS moderating the discussion

This discussion mentions as a central issue that the Corona must lead to changes in our national militarized security thinking. TFF has produced the Declaration “Convert Military Expenditures To Global Problem-Solving” about that necessary change. With a sense of urgency, we ask you to read and sign and share.

Couldn’t this be one of the constructive, future-oriented things you support – and thereby help increase global democratic dialogue as well as the work of TFF? Thanks!

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