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The Biden Administration’s non-starter on the Iran nuclear deal

Jan Oberg & Mohammad Marandi

April 7, 2021

Yesterday, I was invited by Irans’ PressTV to comment – with professor Marandi at Tehran’s University – on the Biden administration’s policy on the JCPOA – the nuclear deal with Iran and the present discussion in Vienna. You may remember that it was signed in 2015 and that the Trump administration left it unilaterally and in violation of international law while also slamming more suffocating sanctions on Iran and its people.

It’s fairly obvious that this is not going to go anywhere – probably not meant to, either. It’s also pretty obvious what Washington should do. Please watch also TFF Associate, professor Farhang Jahanpour, commenting on another program – Scope/Indusdotnewshere.

Click on this image and watch The Debate

Wonder what DailyMotion is? Read here and ask yourself why Google-owned YouTube closed down PressTV.
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